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Septermber 27, 2004

From the Editors:

Welcome to September's Low Carb RESOURCE Newsletter!

This month marks LCRN's ONE-YEAR Anniversary! We would like to thank you, our readers for your never-ending support and encouragement in our efforts to bring you what we believe to be the best FREE low carb newsletter available today!

Because of the numerous strikes by Mother Nature recently, Wendy and I decided that "Disaster Preparedness, Low Carb Food Options… No Refrigeration Required" would be an appropriate topic for the month of September.

Our prayers go out to those who have been affected in recent months by the hurricanes and subsequent tornados and flooding in the United States.

We hope our topic this month will help those who were caught off guard and bring to the forefront the need for preparedness no matter where you are in the world. Disasters happen everywhere in many different forms at all times of the year. We hope to offer some advice and tips to better prepare you and your family should disaster strike, and pray you never need to use it.

Julie and Wendy

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Sheri writes:

I notice your product reviews are always things you like. Do you ever review things you don't like?

Hi Sheri,

Good question! Actually yes I have, however those product reviews don't make publication. The main reason is because we give away a free sample of every product reviewed in the newsletter in our monthly contest. It wouldn't be much fun to enter a contest to win something that is reviewed as "not very good" or "outright terrible".

When manufacturers contact me to review a product they know that they must be confident that it is good. I inform them up front that I will reject publication review in the newsletter if I don't feel it is something I would personally recommend to our readers. However I do send them my honest opinion of their product.

Hope this helps!

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LCRN Topic of the Month for September 2004

Disaster Preparedness, Low Carb Food Options… No Refrigeration Required

From Co-Editor Wendy L

The fourth hurricane in six weeks is due to hit Florida any minute. In areas decimated by previous storms, people are standing in line for hours, waiting on water and food handouts. They are being turned away, empty handed, when supplies run out.

Natural disasters can happen anywhere at any time. I live in a suburb of one of the largest cities in the Midwest and due to three different ice storms in the last six years, we've lost power four to seven days each time. I also live in tornado alley - our area was hit by F5 twisters twice in the last two years and people were without electrical power, phone service and water for weeks at a time.

It can happen to you. Are you prepared? Earthquake, flood, tornado, hurricane or national emergency due to a terrorist activity: any one of these events can happen at any time and cut off basic services for days or weeks. Prepare your emergency food plan and have everything in place before the emergency happens. Your low-carb life style does not have to be put on hold or go out the window if you are faced with sudden adversity.

Water is the most important staple and should be number one on your food list. Allow 2 quarts of drinking water per day for a normal, active person. Be aware that if you are operating in a hot environment that need will double. Children, nursing mothers, people on special diets or the ill will need more water. Allow extra water for food preparation, brushing teeth, hygiene, etc. One gallon of water per day per person should be the absolute minimum you have on hand, and store at least three days worth.

Water can be stored in any food safe container. Empty plastic soda bottles are an excellent choice - wash well and fill. If you have a freezer and don't keep it completely full of food, store some of your water bottles there. In the event of a power failure the frozen bottles can be used to cool food stored in coolers, and as they slowly melt the ice-cold water will be refreshing to drink. Store your water supply in a cool, dark place, such as the corner of a basement or a basement cupboard.

If you are involved in an emergency situation and your drinking water supplies are running low, keep in mind that the water heater in the home is a storage tank you can tap. Water in the toilet tank, as long as no cleaning agents have been added, can also be used. Do you have a waterbed? Drain it and use that water to flush the toilet, or boil well and use for cleaning. If you have advance warning of an impending disaster, fill the bathtub, the sinks and clean trash cans. This water can be used for the toilets and for cleaning and will preserve your drinking water supply.

A low-carb diet is based on fresh vegetables and fresh protein sources, but in an emergency fresh is not going to be available. If you plan your food storage choices wisely, you can still eat low-carb as you weather the storm.

The obvious protein sources to choose for storage are canned meats and fish - tuna, sardines, salmon, oysters, shrimp, chicken, ham, Spam, turkey, clams, corned beef, chicken spread, ham spread, mackerel and mussels. Read labels and buy the lowest carb count beef or turkey jerky you can find. Meat sticks will also store well.

Stock up on canned beans. Many beans are fairly high in carbs, often containing 12 to 14 grams per half-cup but if you are active in clearing brush or storm debris or are in the maintenance phase of a low-carb diet you can eat more carbs than normal. Think of the other members of your family, too. Men and children, especially if they are active, can eat more carbs and canned beans are an excellent protein source.

Invest in nut butters. Read the labels and pick sugar-free or the lowest carb count you can. Peanut butter and almond butter are good choices. Store sugar-free jam or jelly to go with the nut butters. Even if this is not a food choice you normally eat your children will love you for thinking of them.

Buy canned nuts: pecans, macadamia, Brazil nuts, almonds, walnuts, pine nuts, pistachios, soybean nuts, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds are high in protein along with essential fats, fiber and nutrients.

Canned vegetables are a great choice for emergency food storage. Green beans, wax beans, white kernel corn, beets, peas, zucchini, asparagus spears, sun dried tomatoes, mushrooms, tomatoes, peas & carrots, olives, dill pickles, eggplant, baby corn, water chestnuts, bamboo shoots, roasted red peppers, pimentos and artichoke hearts are low-carb options. Buy what foods your family enjoy and will eat. Don't spend money and stock up on food that no one will eat. Don't pour off the water the vegetables are canned in. It can be used in place of drinking water in the food prep.

Look for fruit packed in water, check the label and buy the lowest carb variety you can find. Mandarin oranges are relatively carb friendly. Remember your children and stock up on canned fruit for them. Dried fruit and raisins are excellent kid choices. Dried or dehydrated fruit or fruit leather will keep well for long periods of time. Invest in low-carb crackers for the canned meats, nut butters and soup you'll have on hand.

If you have small children or infants, don't forget the baby food and formula and bottled baby juice. Buy canned formula that doesn't require added water. Powdered baby food that you mix with water and only prepare the amount you need for one feeding is excellent if the power is off and refrigeration is a problem.

For adults, canned V-8 juice or tomato juice is relatively low-carb. Again, if you have children stock up on canned juice that is sugar free or very low in sugar content, or boxed juice. Unsweetened canned coconut milk is very low-carb. Stock powdered milk and sugar-free powdered juice mix but store extra water for items such as this. Canned evaporated milk can be used in cooking or for drinking.

Dry soup mixes will keep well for long periods. Canned broth is a good low-carb choice - look for low-sodium beef, chicken or vegetable. Add a few spoons of tomato juice for body and sip a cup of this before a meal. It will fill you up and you won't need to eat as much. Canned cream soups often have low carb counts but be sure and read labels.

Dried eggs, bouillon cubes or granules, sugar-free instant cocoa, cider, instant coffee, instant tea, tea bags, sugar free hard candy, sugar free pudding packs, sugar free jell-o, salsa (will make dried eggs palatable) low-carb energy bars, low-carb candy and canned low-carb shakes are good food storage choices. Don't forget the salt and pepper or the manual can opener! You need a way to open all of those cans!

You can store trail-mix for the kids and make your own low-carb versions that contain nuts, seeds and unsweetened coconut. If you have sugar-free jell-o mix on hand but no refrigerator, use half of the water called for in the directions and the jell-o will set up without refrigeration.

You should also have vitamins for every family member. Children do not store vitamins like an adult does, and the vitamin stores in their body can become depleted very quickly. Under stressful conditions, an adult body will deplete vitamin stores much more quickly than normal.

You need to plan on storing at least three days worth of food for each family member. The food you select should be non-perishable and require no refrigeration and very little water during food prep. Only prepare the amount of food you can eat during one meal. There may not be a heat source for cooking - cans of sterno work well for this but keep in mind that you should store food that can be eaten cold as well as hot.

The food you buy for storage should be kept in a cool, dark place away from temperature extremes. Buy large trash cans with tight fitting lids and keep your supplies safe from bugs, critters and rain water. Large storage containers, as long as they are waterproof, will serve you well.

Keep an eye on your food stores and don't simply buy the food and forget about it. As you store the food, label it with the date and rotate the food in and out. If it has been stored for what seems like too long, add the stores to your pantry and replace with fresh supplies.

Write out your food storage plan and follow through with it. Make a list for each member of the family and buy and store what each person will need. When an emergency hits, you'll be ready.


"Courage, contrary to popular belief, is not the absence of fear: Courage is the wisdom to act in spite of fear" - John-Roger McWilliams, author

Disaster Preparedness, Low Carb Food Options… No Refrigeration Required

From Co-Editor Julie W

Wendy did such a phenomenal job on food suggestions, I'm at a bit of a loss of what I can add and so I'll focus a bit on non-food type suggestions.

I can't stress enough how important it is, no matter where you live, to have a plan of action for any disaster that might strike. Sit your family down regularly to discuss and review what could possibly happen, and what they should do, where they should go in each case. Discuss escape plans and common "meeting places" both directly outside your home, or in case you are all separated and in different area of your community, a safe place to meet or go. Don't feel this will scare your kids, in fact it may make them feel more secure to know there is structure and a plan of action even in the event of an emergency.

Make sure family members know how to manually shut off things like water, electricity, and especially gas at the main sources.

An important tip is to have a "long distance" contact for family members or friends who will be worrying if you and your loved ones are ok. It is also important in case your family is separated at the time a disaster strikes. This will give you a way to let everyone know where to meet up. Many of us have cell phones, but without electricity, the ability to charge them won't be there. You can't be using the much-needed charge to give and get calls from worried friends and family. Choose a "contact person" and let loved ones know well in advance of any possible problem that is the person to contact for any emergency information. Use your cell phone to keep that person updated as briefly as possible to conserve your cell charge.

A portable disaster kit is always a good idea. Using a backpack makes it easy to grab at a moments notice, fully stocked with batteries, radio, non perishable food, bottled water, pocket hand warmers, wet wipes, a trash bag, a multi functional knife, a whistle, a space blanket, candles, waterproof (or zip locked) matches, water purification tablets, light sticks, first aide items, a list of emergency/family phone numbers and to add last minute things like medications, cash, your cell phone, etc. you will need to take with you. Restocking your items every six months to ensure they are as fresh as possible is a suggestion. Make sure you NEVER light a candle or use matches if there is any question at all whether there is gas or any spilled flammable liquid around.

It's always a good idea to not keep your important papers in your home. A bank lock box is such a small investment and will insure things like birth certificates; important papers and valuables are always safe. Cherished family photos should always be made into a computer disc and can be added to a safe deposit box also.

Have a plan for your pets. Often just securing them with adequate food and water is the best thing to do. Many shelters will not accept pets. They are amazingly self-sufficient.

I realize the stress of a disaster is one great excuse to eat off your low carb plan. I think an important point to remember is the chemical reaction that it would have on your body as well.

The last thing anyone having to deal with this intensity of stress needs is a body that is spiking insulin levels then drastically dropping it like a rock the way it does when you consume sugar or refined flours and starches. You may look at things like a chocolate bar as comfort food, they may give you a sugar "high" but they also take you from that "high" and drop you like a rock, which will magnify stress and anxiety a hundred fold.

It is possible and very sensible to try to maintain your way of eating, even during the most challenging times of your life because it will help you stay emotionally on the most even keel possible for the situation.

Best of luck to everyone who has or will ever face Mother Nature's wrath. I know you can come through with flying colors. I hope in some small way we've helped you make that happen.


So there you have it, the topic for September 2004, in our humble opinions.
Editors of LCRN


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I buy the five-pound package of beef stew meat at Costco or Sams Club. I immediately put the whole thing in my crock-pot with basic seasoning (I use lc onion soup mix) and cook it overnight. Then I package it up with its juice in one-pound containers and freeze. This is great for quick low carb burritos, chimis, chile, beef veggie soup, etc.
Sharon Wertz, Phoenix, AZ

This has probably been sent in as a tip before, but I can't say enough about using coupons. Now that the LC lifestyle is becoming more and more mainstream, I am finding coupons in my Sunday edition paper almost every single week for LC products. There are also occasionally coupons in magazine advertisements for LC products, so watch for them there as well.
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Wayne, Julie's non-low carbing husband is back with his bi-monthly column, The Other Side of the Carb…Living with a Low Carber.

Greetings Low Carbers!

You know, not being the writer my wife is, it's hard to just come up with a topic to discuss with you all, even on a bi-monthly basis. Given a question to answer, I have no problem rambling my thoughts and advice (perhaps it's a guy thing). But, having to pull an idea out of my hat, hoping it will be one of interest to our readers, is much more difficult. It would really help if some of you would submit questions or concerns you have about living with non-low carbers.

I know you have them (questions and concerns). Perhaps that is where many problems lie when it comes to living with a non-low carbing family, inability to bring up or discuss roadblocks or problem areas that would affect your low carb life.

For us it was the same. It took a long time for Julie to open up about how she felt asking for special accommodations to make her life easier around home. She told me it was embarrassing especially because she had long time issues with food. She felt like she was asking us to become closet eaters, which to her was seemingly forcing us to adapt eating disorders of our own.

In reality, what it did was put a focus on healthy eating for the whole family. By paying attention to her needs, avoiding bringing in foods that were not in her eating plan, encouraging her to try new recipes and low carb foods, we all enjoyed a variety we'd not experienced before, not to mention an inner voice that, to this day discourages us from eating, even though we "can", foods that are unhealthy for all of us.

I hope by the time my November column comes around I am flooded with emails to address. We all win, when we share obstacles and advice on handling them.


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Baking Low-Carb by Diana Lee was my FIRST low carb cookbook. Since that time, it's remained one of my favorites and most used.

Baking Low-Carb consists of 62 pages of Pies, Pastries, Desserts, Breads, Muffins, Cakes, Cookies and Candies that will tempt your taste buds and thrill your family and friends who won't believe this is "low carb food". She even has a chapter called "This and That" with fabulous recipes for things like Caramel Pork Rinds, (fabulous even for those who cringe at the thought of pork rinds) special coffees, nuts as well as a way to make low carb condensed milk for recipes requiring it.

It would be easier for me to list the recipes in Baking Low-Carb I haven't made than to list many of the 120 recipes I have. I can tell you I've made many of them for family and holiday gatherings and never came home with leftovers. Needless to say, I don't mention to anyone that this is "diet food". What they don't know sure isn't going to kill them, that's a given!

I especially found useful Diana's "Before You Begin" chapter where she explains how low carb baking is different and why it is important to follow certain "rules". She gives advice on storing as well as baking times, proper utensils, what works, what doesn't, etc. So many times on the boards I've seen people "wing" recipes and I've been able to help them figure out what they did wrong, simply by follwoing the advice given in Diana's cookbook.

Diana's recipes are easy to understand and simple to make. She has a general consistency of ingredients that is wonderful because you don't have to have dozens of ingredients on hand. I particularly love that she does not use soy-based products in her recipes. To me, soy anything is yukky and certainly can kill a good recipe. Diana's choice of using whey-based ingredients is excellent! She offers on and offline retailers who would carry products you are unsure of how to obtain, complete with URL 's and phone numbers.

Of the utmost importance to me is the fact that Diana, too, insists that the non-low carbers in her family enjoy the recipes she creates as much as the low carbers. Diana's husband and four children are her official taste testers and you can be sure if the recipe went in one of her cookbooks, your non-low carbers will love it too!

Above and beyond, Diana provides her personal email address in her cookbooks and will personally respond to any question readers may have.

For the price, this is one of the best low carb bargains out there! I highly recommend everyone get a copy!

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Our feature online support group for September is PregnantAtkids owned by Lisa Lisa (as she goes by on the net). I asked Lisa to share a little about her low carb journey, how she came to be list owner, her group, it's purpose etc. Here is what she had to say:

"Way back in 1998, I was married and had been trying to conceive for close to five years. After doing some research on PCOS, I found that it was well treated by a low carb diet. I immediately searched Yahoo Groups for an Atkins group (and eBay for a used copy of Atkins' book, as we were cash-poor, being self-employed computer consultants). I embarked on the Induction period, feeling that I had absolutely NOTHING to lose, since I'd spent a year doing Susan Powter's No Fat routine and had lost exactly nothing. In fact, I'd probably gained fat on that regimen. I lost a great deal of weight right away, and exactly two weeks after starting Induction, I also started my period for the first time in six months. WOOHOO!!"

"For the first time in my life, though, my period was NOT accompanying by wracking pain! It was "on time" and "by the clock" as it had been in my youth. The same happened the NEXT month, again without the incredible cramps OR massive cravings for chocolate and salt!! I was thanking God and blessing Dr Atkins by turns at that point!"

"But the third month... my period mysteriously didn't appear. Yes, I'd taken cough syrup just before we "baby danced" but I couldn't be *pregnant!* Could I? I was!!! Those of you who've faced primary infertility know the joy of that discovery. I continued to eat the healthy manner that Atkins fosters, although I added milk and the occasional pizza slices (with jalapenos, thanks). I gained 14 pounds during that pregnancy and delivered a very healthy little boy. The moment I laid eyes on him, I knew I had to have more of those!!! :) Talk about better than chocolate!!!"

"However, my low carb journey took a back seat to my supposedly superior information from my doctor that I should NOT be seeking ketosis while nursing. Darn. Well, I gained a bunch of weight and was heavier than before starting Atkins for the first time."

"Fast forward almost three years later and I started Induction *again* to lose weight. Once again, I started my period right after the Induction period, but this time I also got horribly, horribly sick. After recovering from that, I gained a cough that just wouldn't go away. My sinus infection (cause of the cough, I thought) also wouldn't go away. I wound up taking a steroid course, because, once again, I'd not only been lowcarbing, but I'd used cough syrup before baby dancing. Yep, I'd conceived again!"

"For me, both of my boys are the blessing of lowcarbing. Although Dr Atkins wasn't *directly* responsible for me conceiving (wink), I feel I have him to thank for my boys."

During the course of my lowcarb journeys, I joined the PregnantAtkids group, which was run by another lady who'd started it for some of her friends who were pregnant and lowcarbing. She eventually decided that there was no point in her staying in the group since it just didn't apply to her, specifically. So, she asked me if I would like to take it over. I was honored to do so, because the ladies on the PregnantAtkids group are SO helpful and nice! In the time since I took over the group, the membership has grown from just under 200 to over 400!! I'm astonished and grateful that so many ladies have wanted to join and STAY!

PregnantAtkids doesn't require its members to be doing *Atkins*, just a low carb regimen. The only real topic rule is that it must somehow relate to pregnancy, lowcarbing or children/moms. We generally self-police our group to avoid problems. Flame wars, thankfully are few and far between. We've been working on a FAQs file, which addresses the questions of ketosis and pregnancy mainly; the Links section, which includes a great number of great sites to visit; the Photos, where you can get to see some of the faces behind the names and our big database of baby due dates."

"Lately, we've been discussing breech babies, as two pregnant members were concerned with whether or not breech babies should be turned (a process called version) or even could be turned."

"A registration process protects PregnantAtkids. You must submit an introduction as part of the request to join. A list moderator must approve each request (or reject, as necessary) and then forward the introduction part to the group. While this may unsettle some folks who prefer to lurk a bit before posting, it also allows ladies who are ready to post to just jump right into the conversations without having to reintroduce themselves at every turn. Many times, questions are posed in the introduction that will allow members who are so inclined to respond right away to the most pressing concern! We've had a great deal of success with this process! :)"

"I know PregnantAtkids has received a great number of its newer members from other forums (fora? LOL), as those members have mainly said where they learned of us. (I wish they'd put links to those places in OUR Links! Hee hee) Every time we receive some sort of attention like that, though, our membership jumps!"

Our readers can visit PregnantAtkids directly by clicking on this link:

If you have or know of an online support group or forum you'd like to
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Our personal low carb website for September belongs to Cheri Lynn. Cheri is one of the administrators at the LowCarbFriends web site, which is owned and operated by Netrition. She has created a terrific "Newbie" website that is one of the best I've seen. Here is what Cheri had to say about herself, her low carb journey and the reason she created her personal low carb website:

"Here is a link to my lowcarb journey:"


"My newbie site is a few years old. In the chat room people would come in and ask for certain information and I would constantly post links in the forum. One day someone said that I was so helpful and that they noticed I was always giving out links to things. They mentioned it was too bad they weren't all on one page. At that point I decided it would be a great idea to construct my website because most sites do not have all this information all in one spot. I picked and chose what links I needed to have on the site that would be useful to newbies as well as oldies... I have written a few articles also, giving my opinions on certain issues."

"All the links included have been suggestions on what people would like to see on a site for new low carbers. I would like to get as much information out there as possible to help any new person as well as tools to help the more seasoned low carber. Each link has been carefully chosen to be the best of the best links out there, in my opinion, the most helpful and useful that I could find."

"Eventually I would like to add more induction recipes... I am also thinking of adding monthly recipes from lowcarb chefs. I am always open for suggestions on what people would like to see on my site."

You can visit Cheri's website here:

If you have a personal low carb website you'd like to share with our readers let us know! Send an email to:
submissions@lowcarbresource.com Subject line "Personal Website"


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Dena writes:
Q: I just started a low carb diet. I am so tired - why is that?

A: : Dieters usually report fatigue and energy decline for three or four days after starting a low-carb eating plan. Carbohydrates boost glucose levels in the blood and give you a short term burst of energy, but when the glucose runs out a crash follows. You've cut your carb intake drastically, and until your body cleans out the stored carbs and becomes accustomed to a new way of eating you are going to feel fatigued. As you add more protein and UNREFINED carbs to your diet, your blood sugar will remain steady and the fatigue will dissipate. Don't give up! You should soon start to feel more energy than ever before!

Michael writes:
Q: I am eating low-carb and have lost 25 pounds. I find I am constipated on a regular basis. Do I need to use a laxative?

A: Many congratulations on the weight loss, Michael! Actually, when eating low-carb, you should be more regular than ever. If you are suffering constipation, don't rely on laxatives - drink more water! In addition to upping your water intake, also add more fiber to your diet in the form of vegetables, fruit, beans and whole grains. You'll find yourself regular in no time!

If you have questions for the editors PLEASE send them in to: submissions@lowcarbresource.com
Subject line "Q&A"

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Don from North Carolina is 62 years old and 5' 7" inches tall. Don began the Atkins program weighing 330 pounds, and wearing 5X shirts and 54-inch-waist pants. Today Don weighs in at 164 pounds, just 14 pounds from his goal weight. He now proudly wears medium shirts and 33-inch-waist pants!

You can read the rest of Don's story here:

If you are a low carb success whether it be through weight loss or
health and would like to share YOUR story, let us know! Send an email
to:submissions@lowcarbresource.com Subject line: "Success Story"


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Janet writes:
Wow, I just gotta say thanks! I never expected such a quick, thorough response. My son really likes a lot of the ideas that you came up with for his lunches! This is one year starting off on track!

Linda writes:
I've enjoyed your entire newsletter, as always, and I thank you for featuring our eGroup (and our dear e-friend, Anna Cooper!). We've already had several new members join our Low Carb Plus eGroup as a result of your article, so I know that, together, you and I are reaching -- and helping! -- lots of people! I'm so glad we're on this same journey together! Thank you, again, for all your positive words and your many contributions!

Allan writes:
Just a note to thank you for the wonderful brown bag ideas in your last newsletter. The wife was off to get me equipped right away and lunchtime hasn't been the same ol same ol since. Many thanks!

You can send your comments on the newsletter to:


0 carb syrup concentrate (sweetener) made with LIQUID Splenda ™ brand Sucralose!


Our "In the Files" feature of Paula Tolbert's tried and true Somersize recipes will be on hold for a few months. Paula has her hands full these days and is unable to continue supplying us with recipes at the moment. We will continue the feature when Paula is up to it again. In the mean time, remember there are fourteen weeks worth of Paula's favorites in our files section.

To take a peek at Paula's recipe recommendations for dinner go to the group's main page:
click files on the left, and then click the folder that says, "Somersize Dinner Recipes Tried by Paula".


Click on our link for "Very Low Carb Foods"! GREAT shipping rates! International too!


"Baking Low Carb", "Bread & Breakfast" and "Low Carb Ice Cream, Drinks and Desserts"! Cookbooks that keep your carb count down and your protein count up. Recipes include brownies, cookies, muffins, sweet breads, breads, desserts, candy and more!

More information at http://pages.prodigy.net/dls1015/
Also available through Amazon.com or CarbSmart.com.


Next is the recipe section of Low Carb RESOURCE Newsletter. As a rule, each month a different flavor or ingredient will be featured in many categories such as main, sides, appetizers, desserts, beverages, breads and condiments.

This month we are featuring TUNA RECIPES!

We had 26 Tuna recipes sent in by our readers to share with you. Thanks SO MUCH to everyone who submitted recipes! Keep them coming!

You can find this month's TUNA RECIPES here (in plain text, printer friendly version):


October's RECIPE DIGEST will feature HAMBURGER RECIPES. Let's share some GREAT recipes with our readers! Send your favorite HAMBURGER recipe in NOW!

We'd LOVE to have you send in your recipes or recipes you've found, tried, or adapted to low-carb. Recipes do NOT have to be YOUR original creation to submit them to the newsletter. However, we do require IF you know the creator, you give them credit when you submit. IF you got the recipe from a website, include the URL to that website, or the poster to a news group. If you don't know or remember where it came from, make note of "source unknown". That way, if the creator lets us know, we can credit them in the next newsletter. Every effort is ALWAYS made to credit recipes to the developers and websites who deserve that credit for providing wonderful variety for us living low carb lives!

So dig out those HAMBURGER recipes and send them on to us NOW for the October 25,, 2004 edition. Email them to: recipes@lowcarbresource.com

That's it for September's Low Carb RESOURCE Newsletter!

We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did bringing it to you. Be sure to help spread the word and send the link to subscribe to your friends and fellow low-carbers everywhere:


HUGE thanks to everyone who contributed to this month's newsletter submitting ideas, recipes, suggestions, and helping in so many ways . God BLESS you ALL! It turned out GREAT!

If you have ANY comments, suggestions or submissions please send them to the address included in this newsletter or mail to: mailto:comments@lowcarbresource.com

See you ALL next month!
Julie A. Westly: Co-Editor/Writer
Wendy Landes: Co-Editor/Writer
Julia B. Nelson: Copy Editor
Lori S. in Nashville
Kathie C. from Washington
(Recipe Formatting)
Wayne Westly: Writer/Husband Extraordinaire

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