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Victoria's Salsa Recipe

One 28 oz can tomatoes
one onion
one green pepper
one to two tablespoons cider vinegar (to taste)
one teaspoon of salt (to taste)
cayenne pepper to taste

Chop onion and pepper to pretty fine mince (I use a food processor for this).
Chop tomatoes roughly (I whiz them briefly in the food processor). Combine, and add salt, vinegar and cayenne to taste.

This is my basic recipe. There are lots of possible variations, for instance,
use fresh tomatoes instead of canned, add lime juice to replace vinegar, use
fresh jalapenos instead of cayenne, or (my favorite) chipotle peppers. Add
some fresh cilantro. In general, you can use your imagination. You
can control the spicyness by how much cayenne or other spicy peppers you add.


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