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If you've got a question for our staff please send us an email.  Due to the volume of questions received we can't respond privately but we will publish your question and our answer in this forum and in "The Low Carb Resource Newsletter". 
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Shelley writes:

Q: I make a solo breakfast for myself during the week. I have low-carb recipes that make many servings but few quick & easy breakfasts for one. I'm tired of eggs, mock danish and hot cereal. Would your readers have any breakfast recipes that make only one serving or recipes that can be adapted?

A: Shelley, have you thought about eating "non-conventional" breakfast items? If you have dinner left-overs, try them for breakfast. A piece of baked chicken, a pork chop, slice or two of meatloaf, summer sausage and Colby cheese; arrange 3-4 slices of cooked bacon on a plate, cover with a slice of cheese and microwave a few seconds until the cheese melts. Reheat vegetables with cheese sauce or vegetables with butter. Try placing a thin slice of turkey in muffin cups and fill with a beaten egg mixture containing cheese and mushrooms or chopped peppers, bake, reheat and eat in the morning.  Depending on what your critical carb level is, try eating a piece of fruit with cheese, or a scoop of cottage cheese with a few berries.  Remember to eat fresh fruit as much as possible or buy fruit packed in water, not heavy syrup.  Plain vanilla yougart can also be dressed up with fruit, berries, sugar free syrups or spices.

Dave S writes:

Q: I can't find in the carb counter books any liqueurs, such as Kahlua, or Baileys, or Frangelica. Where can I look for info on this?

A: Hi Dave! Unless it's hard liquor, most of these products contain tons of sugar and should be avoided on a low carb plan. Caution should also be used when consuming alcohol, as you will feel the effect MUCH more since your body will turn from fat burning straight to burning the alcohol. Keep in mind that your body will not burn fat while you are drinking and the effects could also cause you to make bad decisions with snack choices.

I wasn't able to find Frangelica anywhere but Baileys has 7.4 carbs per oz.;. Kahlua has 11 grams of carbs per oz. There are tons of options, however. One is to use some of the new flavors of DaVinci Syrup that now carry Kahlua and Irish Cream flavor:


I found this recipe on the Lowcarber.org. message board :
1/2 tsp of coffee
mix with a dash of water to dissolve,
then stir in 1 tsp on splenda
then add a cap full of whiskey
then add enough cream for a decent measure
approx 0.9 -1.1 carbs total

The best book I've seen for low carb alcoholic beverages, carb counts etc. is:
"The Low-Carb Bartender: Carb Counts for Beer, Wine, Mixed Drinks and More" (Adams Media, $USD9.95) it's available at online bookshops as well as locally in the US.


Dena writes:

Q: I just started a low carb diet. I am so tired - why is that?

A: Dieters usually report fatigue and an energy decline for three or four days after starting a low-carb eating plan. Carbohydrates boost glucose levels in the blood and give you a short term burst of energy, but when the glucose runs out a crash follows. You've cut your carb intake drastically, and until your body cleans out the stored carbs and becomes accustomed to a new way of eating you are going to feel fatigued. As you add more protein and UNREFINED carbs to your diet, your blood sugar will remain steady and the fatigue will dissipate. Don't give up! You should soon start to feel more energy than ever before!

Michael writes:

Q: I am eating low-carb and have lost 25 pounds. I find I am constipated on a regular basis. Do I need to use a laxative?

A: Many congratulations on the weight loss, Michael! Actually, when eating low-carb, you should be more regular than ever. If you are suffering constipation, don't rely on laxatives - drink more water! In addition to upping your water intake, also add more fiber to your diet in the form of vegetables, fruit, beans and whole grains. You'll find yourself regular in no time!
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