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Volume 1 Issue 7, Part 1 of 2
June 28, 2004

From the Editors:

Welcome to the June edition of Low Carb RESOURCE Newsletter!

This month we will tackle the topic "The Need for Support in a Low-Carb Lifestyle".

Our hope is to educate and enlighten you with tips and ideas on how important support is, the many forms available and how to access it.

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It's been a hectic month for me and instead of putting the newsletter together last week for Julia to copy edit, I had to make the choice of being a mom first. My daughter needed to know she came first in my life when she needed me. I'm sure you parents have all been there. Unfortunately, what this means is that I was not able to get the newsletter to Julia to check for typos before she left for vacation. My apologies to the readers for any they may come across in this issue. Behind every writer is a great copy editor, and even though we tried our best to check and double check, I'm sure you'll find a few "oops" here and there. -- Julie

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LCRN Topic of the Month for June 2004

The Need for Support in a Low-Carb Lifestyle

From Co-Editor Julie W

If you are like me the hardest thing for you to do is to ask for help. Help with the dishes, the laundry, moving something heavy is hard enough to ask for, but help with emotional support to make low carbing easier too? Help with eliminating temptation, dealing with all but the right food options, planning, and preparation. Who would or could burden their families with requests like this?

Going it alone and in secret is a disaster waiting to happen. It opens the door for closet eating, cheating, and excuse after excuse for slip-ups. But then, no one would know but you, would they, if no one knew you were low carbing and what special needs you now have? You don't want to be seen as different!

When you look at your new lifestyle change in this way, a burden to your family, being different, or having special needs, is it any wonder we fall? Who wants to be placed in these categories, especially those of us who are the caretakers of our families?

The first thing to do once you've decided this way of life is for you is to form a support system. Not everyone will agree with your choice, certainly you will get ill informed opinions ranging from kidney failure to you-name-it. Those naysayers are not your support system.

There are tons of ways of dealing with them, from kindly thanking them for their concern to asking them what studies they gleaned the information from and asking them to mail it to you. You could arm yourself with some of the many, many studies supporting low carb and offer to send the info to them.

Many low carbers choose to not say "low-carb" at all and instead to explain they are insulin resistant and need to avoid sugar and high glycemic foods. This works very well as most people have no idea what you are saying and to avoid you knowing that they'll simply change the subject.

Support comes in many forms, but support, in my opinion is a vital part of long-term success.

The first place to start is you. Whatever it takes, you will do it. There is NOTHING more important than your health. There are a million situations that are worse than having to avoid sugar, flour and high glycemic foods. Put this way of life in perspective each and every day, even single time you get into a situation or mindset that you are tempted to stray…..what could be worse? Then have a place to find support, the support you will need to get over any tiny or large hurdle that you will come across in this journey. You will have those hurdles, we all do, and that makes you normal.

The next step is to find a doctor that supports your way of eating. It took me several phone calls to find one when I first started four years ago. Even then, he still would only commit to supporting whatever was healthy for me. That meant having regular blood tests, which ended up making a convert of him in the process. He saw my "genetically high cholesterol" and he wanted me medicated - forget control through low-carb eating alone. Today there are many doctors who have embraced low-carb eating so finding one is no where near as hard as "the old days".

You will need the support of your significant other. This may mean being painfully honest with them about how food effects you and why. You understand what an insulin spike does to you, but do they? My husband has been a tall, skinny, high metabolized man his whole life. He is also someone who can stop easily at one cookie, or one Hershey Kiss and walk away. It took me a long time to have the guts to sit him down and admit to him my lack of control with food, but it was the best thing I ever did for myself in gaining the support at home I needed with keeping the taboos out of sight, out of mind for me.

I have to laugh when Wayne and Erin do "the whisper" and head for the family room in the basement. They have their "stash" down there. I know what they are doing, and at times I feel like I've turned my family into closet eaters and have a bit of guilt about it. But I don't have to look at or smell the chocolate. And in turn Erin (our nine year old) has adopted a new way of looking at junk food. She now knows it's not "good, healthy food" and wanting to please (as all kids do) will now opt for healthy snacks instead.

Having non low-carbers in the house can be challenging! We hate to deny them the things they love, especially if food is not an issue for them. What works for us is the "out of sight, out of mind" technique and only a little bit of that at most. There is one cupboard where Wayne keeps his tortilla chips and his chocolate syrup (he puts it on my low carb ice cream) and Erin's pudding gets put on the bottom back shelf of the fridge. In the process I find out of sight, out of mind works for them also as they tend to grab what is visible and that is fresh, wholesome low-carb snack options. Sneaky, huh?!

My friends all know I low-carb but rarely think about it. Many of them are now low-carbers also. I get phone calls from Wayne at work because he has co-workers who have low-carb questions for me. I usually always have options when we go out. If we are invited to a friend's home I always call ahead to find out what's on the menu and ask if I can bring something. If there is little to nothing, I bring something low-carb whether asked to or not. Hostesses love this gesture. I eat first, have something ready for when we return home and make do while there. Very rarely does anyone notice what I'm eating or not eating. The important thing to get over is that social situations are all about the food, it's really about people.

Check to see if there are local support groups in your area. If not, think about starting one at your home, or a free meeting place in your town. It's important to know you're not alone and there ARE others just like you, looking for people like you. The woman's health club called "Curves for Women" is low-carb based and many have weekly meetings on low-carb eating.

Some of my greatest support has always come from online support groups and forums on the Internet. The options range from email lists, forums and bulletin boards to chat rooms. The variety of special needs groups is just as varied, whether you're interested in groups for just women or men, low-carbers with more than 100 pounds to lose, to low-carb groups for religion based food restrictions. Join a few and lurk (just read and watch). Then get active when you find one that suits your needs.

I have met people from all over the world, every walk of life, religion, and social standard. We all have a common bond: we are insulin resistant. Some of my closest friends are the people I have met and gotten to know on the low-carb forums through the last four years. I am never alone, no matter what time of day or night. If I wake in the middle of the night and need to talk, the folks from "down under" are online and there for me.

Join some recipes lists, try new recipes and encourage your family to be honest taste testers. Keep a notebook of "keepers" and get your family excited about the new food options. It's a great motivator when they ask for things that are low-carb!

Most importantly be honest with your needs, to yourself, your family and your friends and co-workers. Putting yourself first is not a bad thing when it comes to your health. Giving in or cheating to avoid being different or asking for accommodation is only punishing yourself for trying to be healthy, and that is the most senseless act of all.

The Need for Support in a Low-Carb Lifestyle

From Co-Editor Wendy L

Change is never easy. Depending on the situation, change can be close to impossible.

You are a strong person and you know, in your heart, what is best for you. You've read the books, you've done the research. You know that you're overweight or plagued with ill health. Tired and sick, you know what is making you feel that way. You're strong enough and smart enough to know that you have to make a change in your diet before what you're eating kills you. You've decided to make a change in your eating habits and your lifestyle. It's going to be tough, but you can do it. Remember, the most important source of support for you, is you.

The hardest part of sticking to a low-carb diet isn't going to be cleaning out the cupboards and re-stocking with food allowed on this way of life. The hardest part of low-carbing isn't going to be getting through the first few days when you're experiencing withdrawal symptoms from the sugar and built-up carbs in your body. The hardest part is not going to be the decision of what to choose from the menu when you go out to eat or attend a party. The hardest part of this new way of life is not going to be learning how to shop and cook and add exercise to your schedule.

The hardest part of sticking to this low-carb way of eating is going to be dealing with the words and actions from family, friends and co-workers. The hardest part of dealing with a low-carb lifestyle is going to be those closest to you who don't support your decision to change your eating habits for the better and will attempt to undermine your success.

You're going to have co-workers and friends who will profess to know all where low-carb and nutrition is concerned, and they will bombard you with their "knowledge" of what is right and what is wrong with the way you eat - remember what they "know" and in turn try to enforce upon you is what they have been taught.

They've been taught that low-fat is good, all fat is bad, the food pyramid is the way to go, with its five daily servings of bread and pasta - after all, you believed that once upon a time, didn't you? It's what is drummed into us by our teachers, our government, our doctors and people who we believe "should" know - most people don't have the courage or the strength to think independently and they will never attempt it. They believe what they are told, they're content to be led around by the nose - it's their nature. They are part of the sheeple - don't try to change them because you never will. You are changing you - you are what is important and that's what you need to focus on - you.

Some of us choose to think outside the box and we're open to learning new things - you've learned more about nutrition reading one of the low-carb plan books than all your office co-workers combined will ever know. Smile when they try to impart their knowledge on to you - you know the truth and you know what is right for you. Smile and decline the bagel or the offering from the box of donuts and remember - you are in charge of you. You are in control. You are in charge of the hand that travels to your mouth. You are in control of what that hand picks up in its travels.

What happens when it's loved ones that threaten your new lifestyle? Often those loved ones, the mother, the sister, the husband or the significant other feel threatened when they see you start to change before their very eyes. They are content with the current status-quo and they don't want to see anything happen to upset the apple cart.

After all, if you are losing weight, feeling better, looking better and turning the heads of every male in the restaurant as you follow the hostess to your seat, don't you see how that would shake up the security blanket your husband has become nestled in? Reinforce to those closest to you that you're doing this for you and that you would appreciate their support, not their sabotage. Does your husband need to lose weight, too? Is your sister still packing around that pregnancy weight and the baby is walking and talking? Convince them to join you in your low-carb journey, educate them on the benefits of the lifestyle and support each another along the way.

Your loved ones will have unconscious or hidden motives in saying or treating you as they do, and you must be strong enough to look past those motives to their underlying fear. You're changing and it's making those closest to you uncomfortable - perhaps they have seen you fail at diet after diet and they don't want to see you fail again. They don't want to see you hurt and their lack of knowledge about this way of life manifests in things they say that undermine your attempt at success. They know nothing about a low-carb diet but they've heard all the misinformation and the horror stories - they think they're going to save you from yourself. Educate them. Teach them the things you've learned.

Perhaps you will end up needing the outside support a therapist can give you in understanding the feelings of your family and the complex issues that cause you to overeat. Investigate your local community health care system - you can find professional help that is often free or easily affordable. Check your private insurance provisions, quite often private insurance will pay for psychological therapy.

Enlist the aid of your physician as you adopt the low-carb lifestyle. Have a thorough check-up and insist the prerequisite blood tests are completed. You'll need those test results to compare to tests done in the future as you lose weight and begin to feel better. If your cholesterol is 260 today, nothing will keep you motivated and sticking to this way of life than to see a test result six months down the road that comes in at 180. If your doctor doesn't support you - find another one. If your doctor doesn't listen to you when you speak - find one that does.

I have health issues that send me to an endocrinologist every few months, and I've been seeing that doctor regularly for the last ten years. She's a very good doctor with one of the best medical reputations in the country in her specialty, which is diabetes. When I first embarked on the Atkins Diet, she was horrified. I sat through lecture after lecture on what was bad about the diet and how I should go to Weight Watchers or follow the AMA's "diabetic" diet (even though I wasn't diabetic). She gave me pamphlets that extolled the value of the food pyramid and books that contained week after week of diabetic menus.

Almost a year later, after I lost 80 pounds and this doctor could look at numerous test results and see how my cholesterol levels had dropped, how the hormones had leveled to normal instead of being off the charts, I was no longer taking anti-depressants and other drugs, was back to work full time and functioning - well, guess what happened? Dr. looked at me one day during an appointment, then Dr. looked at the ceiling, Dr. looked at the floor, then Dr. cleared her throat before she looked me square in the eye and told me that she now recommended the Atkins Diet to every one of her diabetic patients and she had seen what she termed as nothing short of miracles, time and time again, in those patients. (There is hope yet for the AMA!)

In addition to making the lifestyle change that low-carb eating entails, the everyday stress of living can be a heavy, overwhelming load. Support yourself and do something for you that will help lessen the load.

Take a ceramics class, learn to throw pottery on a wheel, sign up for volunteer work, learn to paint, take a yoga class, enroll in a book club or learn to meditate. Find something that brings you peace and contentment and then DO IT.

Set aside fifteen or thirty minutes out of your day and do something for you. Add a little fun to your day and make sure it is something you enjoy - go for a walk in the park, feed the ducks at the local lake, spend thirty minutes at Borders in an easy chair with a book of Monet paintings, take a nap, call a friend, spend fifteen minutes doing nothing except standing barefoot in the grass with your eyes closed and your face tilted back to receive the sun, listen to a cd of your favorite music on the way home from work - roll the windows down and crank the music up and let the wind blow through your hair. Sing along at the top of your voice - who cares what the other drivers think? This is your life! Do what makes you happy! Give yourself a little time and the same attention you give to so many things throughout your day that are much less important.

Earlier this year, I changed my shift at work and in doing so became friends with two women I didn't know. They invited me to a get-together at one of their homes on a Sunday night. I went, and met a few more of their friends. A few weeks later, they invited me to another get-together and that night I met a few more people - friends of friends. Now, there's are a group of us that get together regularly - we each bring something to eat and we usually congregate at one home on a Saturday or Sunday evening - no one plans the food, we each bring whatever. Most of the time, the food makes a complete meal and we sit, eat and talk and have the most amazing conversations that have gone on from five in the evening to after one in the morning. It is a wonderful time of fellowship that I miss terribly when I can't go. Fear of the unknown - I didn't really know these women - almost made me say no when I was first invited. Oh, what I would have missed had I said no! Don't be fearful - try something new! Get together with your friends - it's what life is all about!
There are online groups available you can turn to for support. The Atkins website has a support section, there are many low-carb websites out there that have their own chat rooms or bulletin boards and, of course, there are many low-carb support groups located on Yahoo. I've been a member of many of these - you'll find the majority of group members will support you but there's always one antagonist, it seems. Treat them as a stumbling block, step over the block and move on.

Support yourself by keeping a journal. Start out by keeping track of the food you eat and tune in to your eating habits. Use this private time with yourself to identify your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to food, and explore your emotions and how they are tied into food. Become aware of issues in your life that you may be ignoring and may force you off track - use this private time to stay motivated. Get to know yourself on a deeply personal level.

Stay on course and you will succeed. You know the rules - make this a lifestyle change instead of a short-term diet and you will live long and prosper. Be good to yourself - and be happy. Good luck on your journey.


"Whatever you do, you need courage. Whatever course of action you decide upon, there is always someone to tell you you are wrong. There are always difficulties arising which tempt you to believe that your critics are right. To map out a course of action and follow it to the end requires some of the same courage which a soldier needs. Peace has its victories, but it takes brave men to win them." Ralph Waldo Emerson


So there you have it, the topic for June 2004 in our humble opinions.
Editors of LCRN


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"I also like to marinate chicken breasts in salad dressing and grill either on the outdoor grill or the George Foreman. I cook several up ahead of time and keep them near the salads. OR, I boil a few breasts, cut them up and then put them in marinade."

"Hard boiled eggs are great to have ready on hand also."

Laura Buoni

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This month's support group is "Atkins_Followers" at Yahoo Groups, owned by Suz from Pennsylvania who tells us:

"When I started living the Low-Carb Way of Life back in October of 2003, I thought it really made sense and that I had nothing to lose by trying it except the excess weight that I have carried around since puberty. Boy, was I pleasantly surprised! The whole premise behind low-carbing is to get healthy and lose weight. In the past seven months I have lost over forty pounds that looks more like fifty or so. I am healthier and have more energy than I have in my entire life."

"Fortunately, I gained a whole lot more than I lost. I gained a whole new sense of self-respect and confidence, a world of knowledge, and a pathway into caring about my body, how it works, and what it needs to be healthy and happy. Most importantly, I gained a whole new world of friends and a stupendous network of support, not just for my low-carb life, but also for my life, in general. Last, but not least, it gave me a purpose and a passion for my life that I had not previously experienced outside of my love for my children."

"I have three beautiful children with my husband of nine years. My two very rambunctious boys, aged seven and eight, keep me on my toes, and my precious two year-old baby girl keeps me grounded and sane. We live in Pennsylvania, where I have spent my entire life in one small town or another. I recently began a part-time job at a local low-carb store where I get to share my passion and love for low-carb, nutrition, and supplements. Not to mention that it gives me an edge as a list owner because I get to hear about all of the new products coming out before other people hear about it!"

"Atkins Followers is a group that I joined and ended up adopting when the list owner could no longer continue to cultivate and grow it. I gladly stepped to the reigns. It is a group that was originally designed to support those using the Atkins Approach to health and weight loss, but I intend to expand it to include support for other low-carb life plans as well."

"Everyone who knows me (online and off), knows that I am a natural analyst and 'science geek', whether it is with learning how to cook low-carb, learning the physiology of low-carb and our bodies, or learning new ways to supplement my low-carb way of eating to increase its effectiveness. Therefore, naturally, I do a lot of crawling the web looking for interesting articles and websites for information on low-carb, supplements and nutrition, which I, in turn, pass on to my group. This saves a lot of time and effort for my members in that they don't have to spend the time and effort to find out what helps with this way of life. I try to send out at least one article or website address a day that has information that I think is important to low-carbing. My life has been a little hectic lately, so there have been some days where it has not happened, but as my life is beginning to slow down again I am now beginning to cultivate and nurture the group."

"The group is a wonderful resource with some very experienced and helpful members who are always happy to help when a question or need arises. We share recipes (TNT and possible candidates for LC conversion), tips, experiences, and most importantly, support for low-carb and life."

"Eventually, I plan on having weekly chats and themed days, such as recipe day, tip day, supplement day, etc."

"If you are looking for a group that is active but not overwhelming in the amount of email, and a group that is a wealth of information and support, then this is the group for you. I hope to see you all there!"

You can find Suz and the other Atkins_Followers here:

If you have or know of an online support group or forum you'd like to
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This month's personal website of the month belongs to Jenny the Bean. Jenny has been low-carbing since 1998. She is in her mid-fifties and began low-carbing to control early-stage type II diabetes. Her latest Hba1c was 5.2. Her current BMI is within the normal range for her height. Her latest body fat analysis, 24%, puts her into the "Fitness" category. She makes her living as an author and specializes in books on business topics. Four of her seven published books are still in print.
Jenny has a fabulous facts page referenced by thousands of low-carbers. Be sure to check it out!
You can visit Jenny's page here:

If you have a personal low carb website you'd like to share with our readers let us know! Send an email to:
submissions@lowcarbresource.com Subject line "Personal Website"

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Weighing In On Low-Carb Diets

Low-carb Potato - One-third fewer carbs than regular spud!

Before You Buy Low-Carb Total Cereal - Read the Review

High-Protein Diets: Good for your waistline, bad for your stomach?

Atkins Goes to the Movies

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Atkins Responds to Attack on Low-carb Diet by Alliance for Aging Research


Welcome to the Low-carb Economy

The New Fast Food Landscape

Children, Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome

Effect of 6 Month Adherence to Low Carb Diet Program

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Illene writes:
Q: I find it very hard to lose weight. My friend seems to think I have thyroid problems. How do I find out if I do?

A: Quite a few people, when they find it hard to lose weight, automatically blame the function of their thyroid gland. It's easy to find out if the thyroid gland is the culprit - all it takes is a few blood tests administered by your doctor. As someone who really does have a thyroid gland that does not function, let me ask you a few questions. Have you noticed thinning, dry skin? Are you experiencing hair loss - is there more than the normal amount of hair in the brush or going down the drain when you shampoo? Has your hair become brittle? The inability to lose weight is also a symptom, as is weight gain. Are you experiencing abnormal fatigue, or long periods of lethargy or muscle weakness? Are you constipated quite a bit? Have your nails suddenly started to split or become very brittle? Are your cholesterol levels elevated? How's the memory - are you forgetting things that were once easy to remember? Are you suddenly cold all the time? Do you have a goiter?

The thyroid gland is shaped like a butterfly and is located at the base of your neck, right below the Adam's apple. The thyroid gland has one function - to make thyroid hormone, known as T4 (thyroxin) and T3 (triiodothyronine). Thyroid hormone controls the function of every cell and gland in the body - in other words, the thyroid gland regulates the body's metabolism. Thyroid hormones play a key role in mental function, moods and emotions. Thyroid affects the body's use of vitamins, proteins, carbs, fats, electrolytes and water. Thyroid also regulates the body's immune response. An underactive thyroid is known as hypothyroidism.

If you think you have an underactive thyroid, talk to your doctor. Blood tests will be performed that evaluate your production of thyroid hormones, specifically T3, T4 and TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone). TSH is produced by your pituitary gland. If you are diagnosed with hypothyroidism, synthetic thyroid hormones are usually prescribed.

In many cases, thyroid disorders are symptoms of another underlying problem. Adrenal stress and Cortisol block thyroid function. Insulin Resistance also mimics many of the same symptoms of hypothyroidism. Poor nutrition will also masquerade as a thyroid disorder. Only your doctor can test and pinpoint your exact problem and the cause.

Hope this helps,

If you have questions for the editors PLEASE send them in to: submissions@lowcarbresource.com
Subject line "Q&A"

THE "Low Carb Link Finder" by Julie Westly! Everything you've ever wanted to know about low-carbing from the World Wide Web. Whether you're exploring low-carbing, a new recruit or a seasoned low-carber, this is a "GOT TO HAVE" resource for YOU! FAST becoming "THE" most sought out tool for LC Internet users!

Check out what others are saying about this VALUABLE TOOL:



Mike from North Carolina is 43 years old and 5' 10" tall. He has been following the Atkins program since September 9, 2002, and in just 8 1/2 months has shrunk from 230 pounds and size 44 pants to 179 pounds and size 34 pants! Read the rest of Mike's story here:


If you are a low carb success whether it be through weight loss or
health and would like to share YOUR story, let us know! Send an email
to:submissions@lowcarbresource.com Subject line: "Success Story"

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Hi Girls,
I just wanted to drop and note and thank you for the topic last month on frugal low-carbing. I did some checking on bulk buying from our butcher and was amazed at how much we could save! I also found a seller of eggs right from the farmer and we are saving even more! Thanks again, your tips were invaluable to us!

Dawn C, Missouri
Once again another wonderful newsletter packed with great ideas and information for all the low carbers out there. I can't wait for next month's!
Alice Peters, Maine
Excellent money saving tips in the newsletter for May. I just love the content you provide in your newsletter every month. Definitely the best there is!
Gene Anderson, Wisconsin

You can send your comments on the newsletter to:

The coffee lover's sanctuary.
Gourmet Coffee & Tea Merchants


"In The Files" is a feature especially for subscribers of "Low Carb RESOURCE Newsletter". We are thrilled to tell you of two special extras added this month for our subscribers.
Paula Tolbert is a successful Somersizer; having lost 153 pounds in two and a half years and has kept it off. Paula believes that variety in meals has been a huge part of her success.

"I believe the best thing as far as a new way of eating is to enjoy food and not get stuck in a rut by eating the same things every week". Paula said, "Since I now cook from scratch every night, I don't want to get burned out in the kitchen. Each dinner is something new. I feel like an artist in the kitchen, preparing a masterpiece each night. I present dinner like a finished product that we all enjoy. I pick seven new recipes to try each week, not tested or tried. So far, I have been lucky. In 2 1/2 years, I have only found four "bad" recipes. Some were really good, some were just ok, but almost all were good."

Paula has agreed to share with our readers "In The Files" these tried and tested recipes. Paula has found recipes all over the net.

"In The Files" this month, you can find yet another two weeks worth of Paula's "new recipes for the day" that she has made and tried herself.

To take a peek at Paula's recipe recommendations for dinner go to the newsletter's main page:

Click files, and then click the folder that says, "Somersize Dinner Recipes Tried by Paula".
The files section if accessible to subscribers only.

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Next is the Recipe section of Low Carb RESOURCE Newsletter. As a rule, each month a different flavor or ingredient will be featured in many categories such as main, side, appetizer, dessert, beverage, breads, and condiments.

This month we are featuring ASPARAGUS RECIPES. Asparagus season is upon us, many of us can get it FREE from our countryside ditches and fields!

We had 26 asparagus recipes sent in by our readers to share with you. Thanks SO MUCH to everyone who submitted recipes, keep them coming!

You can find this month's ASPARAGUS RECIPES here ( in plain text, printer friendly version):

SPECIAL THANKS goes out to Lori S. from Nashville and Kathie C. from Washington for running the submitted recipes through the MasterCook format for us!


July's RECIPE DIGEST will feature GREEN BEAN recipes. Let's share some GREAT recipes! Send your favorite GREEN BEAN recipes in >>>>NOW!<<<<

We'd LOVE to have you send in your recipes or recipes you've found, tried, or adapted to low-carb. Recipes do NOT have to be YOUR original creation to submit them to the newsletter. However, we do require IF you know the creator, you give them credit when you submit. IF you got the recipe from a website, include the URL to that website, or the poster to a news group. If you don't know or remember where it came from, make note of "source unknown". That way, if the creator let's us know, we can credit them in the next newsletter. Every effort is ALWAYS made to credit recipes to developers and websites who deserve that credit for providing wonderful variety for us living low carb lives!

So dig out those GREEN BEAN recipes and send them on to us NOW for the July 26, 2004 edition. Email them to: recipes@lowcarbresource.com

That's it for June's Low Carb RESOURCE Newsletter!

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HUGE thanks to everyone who contributed to this month's newsletter submitting ideas, recipes, suggestions, and helping in so many ways . God BLESS you ALL! It turned out GREAT!

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See you ALL next month!
Julie A. Westly: Co-Editor/Writer
Wendy Landes: Co-Editor/Writer
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Kathie C. from Washington
(Recipe Formatting)
Wayne Westly: Writer/Husband Extraordinaire

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