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How to Lose Belly Fat: Latest Secrets from the Research Labs, Part 4
by David L. Kern

Belly fat obesity is now considered to be a major health threat,
increasing your risks of diabetes and stroke.

Are you one of the estimated 47 million Americans with metabolic
Syndrome X? Here's how to tell.

-- For women: if your waist measurement is greater than 35
inches, you may have Syndrome X

-- For men: if your waist exceeds 40 inches, you may already have
the metabolic syndrome

If your waist measurement is that high, says George Blackburn,
associate director of the division of nutrition at Harvard
Medical School, "you've fallen off the edge of the cliff."

In the last article in this series, we discussed the use of
injected human growth hormone and its remarkable effects in
promoting the loss of abdominal fat, or belly fat. Reductions of
abdominal fat as high as 47% have been reported in medical

But the problems associated with injecting hGH -- the expense of
the treatment, and potential risks- are too big a hurdle for many
people. Today, we are going to discuss natural ways to boost
release of the hGH already in your brain and body.

How to Lose Belly Fat: Secret #4 -- Natural ways to boost hGH

There are two ways to increase your own hGH levels that don't
involve needles. One is weight-bearing exercise, which is proven
to release growth hormone.

Studies show that weight-bearing exercise is much more effective
than aerobic exercise to increase hGH levels. While aerobic
exercise is good for you, and also shows benefits in reducing
abdominal fat, lifting heavier weights is proven to release more
hGH into your system.

Fewer repetitions with heavier weights, rather than more reps
with lighter weights, will release more hGH.

The second strategy to safely promote your body's own synthesis
and release of hGH is to use isolated amino acids, l-arginine,
l-ornithine, and l-lysine, in doses of 1 to 1.5 grams per day.

A study from the University of Virginia in 2001 reported these

-- hGH secretion is blunted profoundly in obese individuals

-- Accumulation of AVF (abdominal fat) represses hGH release

-- Intense exercise in combination with l-arginine drives hGH

The study concludes: "available data suggest that GH repletion
regimens in combination with regular exercise and relevant
dietary intervention may provide a tripartite strategy for the
management of significant obesity."

As we discussed before, if your hGH levels are not low,
increasing them will have little or no benefit. Your doctor can
test your blood to see where your hGH levels are.

According to this study, elderly people may not be the only ones
with low hGH levels. It seems that people with larger amounts of
belly fat also have lower levels.

Two other amino acids have also shown benefits in some studies.
L-lysine, another amino, seems to work with l-arginine to
dramatically increase its effects. And l-Ornithine has produced
some of the hGH releasing effects of l-arginine. L-arginine is
also proven to promote wound healing in diabetic rats.

Remember to take these amino acids on an empty stomach, since
they "compete" with other aminos and proteins for uptake into
the brain. It's best to take them at night, as hGH release takes
place primarily during sleep. Many athletes also take these
amino acids prior to exercise.

Do not take isolate amino acids if you have existing kidney or
liver problems. And we recommend that you take these supplements
under the supervision of your doctor. The place to begin is with
a blood test, to determine your present levels of hGH.

Copyright © 2005 David L. Kern

About David: David L. Kern is a health researcher and publisher
of New Health & Longevity, a newsletter devoted to the latest
advances in nutritional science. Find out how to lose belly fat
today at http://www.applepoly.com/bellyfat . This entire series
of articles, How to Lose Belly Fat: Secrets from the Research
Labs will be available at http://www.applepoly.com/howtolosebellyfat

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