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How I Easily Lost 21 Pounds in Just Weeks -- Without Getting Hungry
by Katrina Kern

I was shocked. I started to cry.

After the holidays, I stepped on the scale and discovered I was
30 pounds heavier than I had ever been in my life.

I’m a 56 year old grandmother (somebody please tell me how that
happened) and it occurred to me that this time, I might not be
able to lose those extra pounds.

Luckily, my health is good. I decided to do a little research
into the problems and causes of obesity.

While searching for information on weight loss surgery, I
happened on a study from Japan on apple polyphenols. It said that
animals given these apple phytochemicals lost almost 30% of their
organ fat after only three weeks. In addition, these lab rats
also increased muscle strength.

"Wow," I said to myself. I wondered if it might work for me too.
It occurred to me that the apple chemicals might be "rejuvenating"
the lab animals, since organ fat increases with age. Other
studies said these polyphenols were very safe. So I went to the
health food store.

"Apple polly what?" said the sales clerk. I knew I had to look
elsewhere. Finally, I found a web site that had it for sale. I
started taking it every morning.

Immediately, I felt a new surge of energy and clarity of thought.
So far, so good!

Then, I set about changing a few of the items in my diet.

First, I cut out refined sugar, and substituted diet colas and
sugar-free candy to satisfy my sweet tooth. (There really have
been some great improvements in the taste of sugar-free choices
in the last few years. My favorites are diet Mug root beer, and
Russell Stover sugar-free candies.)

I also added 5HTP to my daily supplement regimen, to help curb my
carb cravings.

I stopped cooking with unsaturated oils, and switched to virgin
olive oil. I limited my carb intake to ½ cup per meal, while
keeping my body satisfied with plenty of beef, turkey, chicken,
fish and cheese.

I ate as much as I cared to of protein, wholesome fats and
unrefined carbohydrates, and gradually felt my body align to a
healthier balance. Then, I began to slowly make my portions just
a little smaller, one teaspoon at a time. I hardly noticed the

To ensure that I was not denying my body adequate nutrition, I
take a very good multivitamin formula. To this, I added extra
calcium daily, in citrate form- the most absorbable.

Since I’m getting older, I also began taking DHEA for hormone
balance. And, to stabilize my blood sugar and promote weight
loss, I added konjac glucomannan to my pill routine.

In just 11 weeks, I have lost 21 lbs. on this program, and I
have never been hungry.

And there are added benefits that I didn’t expect. My skin is
softer and smoother. My hair is growing thicker and faster, and
my energy level is more like a 30 year old. My fingernails are
healthier and stronger than they’ve ever been, and the "ridges"
in my nails have smoothed out.

And the best part, besides losing the weight, is this: the
embarrassing age spots on the backs of my hands are also going

Most importantly, I am not starving myself. I don’t feel
deprived. I have simply substituted some healthier eating habits,
in a gradual way, so as not to shock my body.

This is a way of eating that I can sustain, unlike most diets
I’ve tried. I can easily do this for the rest of my life, and
continue to allow my body to find its own perfect weight.

My fat and weight loss is gradual and consistent, right in line
with my doctor’s recommendations for safe weight loss- about 2
pounds a week. I am well on my way to my ideal weight, just by
following these few simple steps. Only 9 more pounds to go for
my target!

My simple 10 point weight loss program is working perfectly for
me. And the full details, including dosages of the supplements,
are available at the web site link at the end of this article.

If you sensibly and gradually make small changes to the way you
eat, and use some of the wonderful supplements now available, you
too can be a much slimmer, healthier and more attractive person
-- at any age.

Copyright © 2005 Katrina Kern

About Katrina: Katrina Kern is an author, women's health
counselor and former practicing nurse. Get all the exciting
details of her simple 10 point weight loss plan at

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