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Coconut Oil Facts:

Coconut oil is used in the country as a cooking fat, hair oil, body oil and industrial oil. It's made from fully dried copra, with maximum moisture content of six per cent. Before crushing, copra is roasted to enhance the quality and aroma of oil. Refined coconut oil is mainly used in the manufacture of hair oils, biscuits, chocolates and other confectionery items, ice cream, pharmaceutical products and costly paints. Generally, filtered coconut oil is used for cooking and toiletry purposes. Virgin coconut oil is made from the milk extracted from raw kernel, high quality of which is an ideal massage oil for babies.

Coconut oil for cooking: Coconut oil is rather unique cooking oil as it contains short and medium chain fatty acids as the major component. The quick melting behavior, resistance to oxidative rancidity, pleasing flavors and easy digestibility makes it widely preferred cooking oil. Because of its high content of lauric acid, coconut oil has gained importance as a dietary fat. Its stable character makes it the preferred fat for deep-frying and it keeps the items very crisp for a longer period.

Studies done by the Biochemistry department of Kerala University reveals that coconut oil:

  • Doesn’t elevate total blood cholesterol
  • Increases blood HDL cholesterol, which is useful for metabolism
  • Doesn’t elevate LDL cholesterol or LDL/HDL cholesterol ratio
  • Decreases serum triglycerides
  • It has been proved that coconut oil is beneficial dietary oil and it does not contribute to any of the risks factors involved in coronary artery disease.

Coconut Oil Qualities:

  • Natural oil
  • Edible in raw form
  • Saturated and stable
  • Pleasant flavor and aroma
  • Translucent
  • Biodegradable
  • High resistance to oxidative rancidity
  • Sharp melting characteristic
  • Good for skin. Gives softness and suppleness to skin on regular massaging
  • Effective heat transferring agent in frying
  • Gives more shelf life for fried products
  • Ideal for deep frying
  • Ideal confectionery fat
  • Provides moisture barrier and imparts high gloss for baked items in spray oil use
  • Carrier and protective agent for fat soluble vitamins
  • Low viscosity
  • Good as baby oil
  • Oldest and most widely used cosmetic raw material
  • Contains 91 % assimilable glycerides
  • Great glycerine content
  • Easily saponifiable even in cold
  • Good emollient on skin and scalp
  • Nourishes the hair root and provides coolness to the body
  • Lowers evaporation of body water through skin
  • Protects skin from heat
  • Excellent base for hair oil, gives gloss to hair
  • Germicidal and anti-microbial properties
  • Imparts hardening and lathering property to soaps
  • Illuminant and lubricant
  • Doesn’t leave a smoky flame when used in open lamps
  • Blends well with other oils
  • Essential for the manufacture of toilet soaps, shaving cream, liquid soaps, natural shampoo, and other cosmetics
  • No harmful effect due to re-heating

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