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August 30, 2004

From the Editors:

Welcome to the August edition of Low Carb RESOURCE Newsletter!

I'm sorry to report that Julia is taking a couple of months off from editing the newsletter for us, as she is in the middle of a move. Unfortunately, you'll all have to suffer through my typos the next couple of issues. I'm sure many of you are getting used to them by now. (smile) My apologies in advance!

This month's topic was inspired by this email received from reader, Janet Jones:

"Could you give some good ideas for great LC lunches to pack for kids going to school? They have to be able to be eaten cold since my 5th grader doesn't have access to a microwave at lunchtime. My son is getting rather tired of pepperoni and cheese roll ups with a salad, LOL (Ideas for my husband's lunches would be great too)."
Janet Jones


We hope you and our readers enjoy our topic of the month for August, "Low Carb Brown Bag Lunches…For School and Work". Hopefully you'll get some ideas and thoughts to ponder from our experiences and input on the subject.


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Reader Deana Smiel writes:

I'd like to know how to join a newsgroup such as alt.support.diet.low-carb. I don't have a clue. Maybe it would be a helpful to include in the next newsletter.

Hi Deana,
We get a lot of recipes sent in that originate from the alt.support.diet.low-carb group. This is a good question! To access the group go to http://www.google.com/ and click "groups" at the top of the page. Then click "alt", check the "Search only in alt.*", type in low carb and hit search. That is the long way to find it, the quick way is to click here:
I do feel I need to warn you and our other readers that while there are tons of informed members there and a lot of great information, it's not always a good experience. This is a public bulletin board and there is no moderation provided. In cases like this you need to be prepared for the spammers and of course those internet nuts who get a kick out of posting profanity and abusive messages. It's just something those who frequent the site put up with to get the good stuff.
Hope this helps,

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LCRN Topic of the Month for August 2004

Low Carb Brown Bag Lunches…For School and Work

From Co-Editor Wendy L

It's that time of year: summer is winding down, vacations have become memories and we've trekked through the malls buying new school clothes for a new school year. Back-to-School often means, for Mom, resurgence of an old fear - what am I going to pack in the lunch box or the brown bag that travels back and forth to school (or work) every day? What kind of food can I send with my child that will not only be healthy, but food she will eat?

When I conjure up a picture of a typical brown bag lunch, I see a sandwich, a cookie or sweet for dessert or a treat, maybe a piece of fruit, potato chips or cheese curls and a can of pop or juice box drink. Hundreds of mothers pack and send lunches just like this with their children each school day. How many moms have given any thought to the nutritional value of such a lunch?

Let's see … a sandwich - processed lunchmeat between two slices of white bread. Ditto on the nutrition there. A cookie, pudding or sweet treat for dessert - I see sugar and white flour and food additives … not much nutritional value there, either. Ahh! A piece of fruit! This is the only nutrition I see so far, and considering only 11% of boys and 16% of girls eat the recommended servings of fruit per day, this was a good choice. Potato chips - the kids love 'em with their white bread sandwiches but starchy potato slices that are deep-fried; any semblance of nutrition is long gone.

Last but not least … a can of pop or a juice drink box. Mom, read the labels on the juice boxes. If you are going to spend your money on convenience drinks like juice boxes, spend a few more dimes and buy the box that contains 100% real juice. Forgo the can of soda completely - one 20 oz. bottle of Coke contains 7 teaspoons of sugar. Did you know that 33% of the sugar in a child or teenager's diet comes from soft drinks?

Try this test: measure 7 teaspoons of granulated sugar into a cup and try to eat it with a spoon. Would you? Could you? If not, why mix the sugar with colored water and drink it? Same thing, isn't it? How many people in the habit of using soft drinks stop at one a day? If your child is an active soda pop drinker, how much sugar is he or she really ingesting during one day? Take away the soda pop and maybe Johnny doesn't need his Ritalin anymore.

A little bit of planning and preparation go a long way in helping you pack nutritious lunches your children will enjoy eating. Think portability, good nutrition and KISS - Keep It Simple, Sweetheart.

Almost every school bound child carries a backpack and should have room for an insulated lunch bag. Invest in a few containers that will keep hot food hot and cold food cold, and lunch possibilities are suddenly endless. Use the night before to prepare and pack lunches, or prepare and have everything ready in one spot in the refrigerator, which makes packing the lunch box a breeze during hectic mornings.

A low-carb lifestyle is good for the entire family, as long as everyone eats a balanced diet and a diet that is appropriate for their age. Growing children without weight issues need carbohydrates for energy, and at least half of the calories they consume should come from carbs. Pass up the simple carbohydrates for the complex - instead of feeding your child sugar and processed foods, go for protein and complex carbohydrates such as whole grains, dairy products, vegetables and fruit.

Note: If your child is eating low-carb for health reasons, they will be allowed more carb grams per day than a child following low-carb for weight loss. Adjust your food selections accordingly.

Nuts, seeds and unsweetened dried fruit are favorites of mine. Pack small snack bags of sunflower seeds, almonds, pecans or peanuts. Make your own seasoned nut mixes, using spices and/or Splenda for flavoring. Pack snack bags of dried fruit, or cut dried fruit into large chunks and mix it with nuts. Add a few slices of beef jerky or a couple of meat sticks and you have the computer age version of pemmican!

String cheeses are handy, or slice your own cheese from a large brick. Wrap in plastic wrap or place 3-4 pieces in a sandwich or snack size plastic baggie. Along with the cheese, pack whole-grain crackers and sliced summer sausage.

Make your own low-carb yogurt by stirring Splenda, a bit of vanilla or almond extract and diced fresh fruit into plain yogurt. Add the unexpected to yogurt - crunchy granola, nuts or raisins. Today, only 29% of boys and only 11% of girls consume the recommended servings of dairy products each day. All school cafeterias offer milk for sale. Arrange for your child to buy whole milk (which is the least carby option) at lunch and forgo the pop machine.

Leftovers can also be recycled into tomorrow's lunch. Buy a wide-mouth thermos-type food container that works using either hot or cold food and you can now pack and send stir-fry, soup, low-carb pasta salads, chili and other favorites with your child for lunch. Quiche is a dish that travels well and is great cold - and you can make it crust less and packed full of vegetables.

Buy or roast a chicken for dinner, cut off the drumsticks and save them for lunch. Everyone likes cold chicken! You can also shred leftover chicken meat and add to a green salad, or mix with a bit of mayo, chopped eggs, onions and/or relish for chicken salad. Get creative with your chicken salad and mix the cubed cooked chicken with grape halves, slivered almonds or pecans, a bit of chopped apple and a dressing made from mayo, Splenda and lemon juice or whole milk. Shrimp is very good served cold. Deviled eggs are very good cold and nutritious, too. Try adding diced shrimp to the yolk filling. Stuff the egg halves and then push them back together - easy to pack this way! Maybe your child is one of those that is content to eat hard-boiled eggs with just a dash of salt and pepper. Be a nice mom and peel the eggs before you pack them!

Tuna salad and egg salad are lunch mainstays, and I like to eat a large scoop on top of a mixed green salad. If this isn't possible, send whole-grain crackers or make your own low carb versions. Enclose celery sticks, radishes, cherry tomatoes or carrot sticks that can be eaten at the same time as the tuna salad. Send along a few iceberg lettuce leaves as a bread substitute. Roll up your filling of choice in lettuce leaves and secure with a toothpick. Make these lettuce rolls about the size of an egg roll and they are easy to handle while eating. Don't limit yourself to tuna or egg salad - roll lettuce around bacon slices and tomatoes, ham salad or chicken salad. Spread ham slices with cream cheese mixtures and roll up. Substitute other foods for bread and it will never be missed!

Green salads pack and transport well, and for protein you can add shredded or chopped meat, shredded cheddar cheese, pepperoni slices and mozzarella cheese, sunflower seeds or nuts. Wholegrain or low carb bagels are easy to find and a few slices of meat, cheese and lettuce or any type of tuna, ham, chicken, egg salad, cream cheese or sugar free peanut butter makes a delicious bagel sandwich. (I always pack lettuce separate from the sandwich and add it right before eating. This will prevent the bagel from getting soggy)

Use whole-wheat or low carb burritos or whole grain or low carb pita pockets and make rollup or pocket sandwiches. Pack the pita pocket separately from the filling and assemble when it is time to eat to avoid sogginess. Roll the burritos around shredded chicken, shredded lettuce, a bit of cheese and Caesar dressing for a salad you can eat with one hand.

Sugar free peanut butter is also a lunch mainstay; make a wise choice and use whole grain or low carb bread instead of white when making peanut butter sandwiches. There are many sugar-free or fruit only spreads available if your child insists on jelly with his peanut butter. Spread peanut butter and jelly on a whole-wheat burrito and slice it up, quesadilla style. It's different, easy to pack and easy to eat. Roll the burrito up if you don't want to slice it. Spread a whole-wheat burrito with peanut butter, add a peeled banana and roll up. You now have a banana burrito, and kids love them!

Stuff celery with sugar free peanut butter and to make things interesting, add raisins the length of the celery, on top of the peanut butter. Crudités are a very easy lunch staple - pack sliced cucumbers, radishes, celery, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, etc., with Ranch dressing for dipping, add some cheese sticks and wholegrain or low carb crackers and what kid wouldn't love lunch?!

Pack fruit that is very easy to eat, such as apples, pears, bananas and grapes, depending on your child's carb allowance. Peel an orange or the tangerine before you pack it. Slice kiwi, strawberries, grapes and mix with blueberries for a delightful fruit side dish. Freeze the grapes and the blueberries and the fruit mix will be cold at lunch. Three bean salads pack a protein punch.

Make lunchtime fun for your child and you. Pack festive napkins, reminiscent of a picnic. Don't think of packing lunch as a chore, but as something to enjoy. Enlist the help of your children and teach them about nutrition at the same time.


"I really learned it all from mothers." - Benjamin Spock

Low Carb Brown Bag Lunches…For School and Work

From Co-Editor Julie W

As Wendy mentioned, with children there will be a bit of a difference in lunch options depending on whether your child is low carbing for general health or whether they have weight problems. Nevertheless, no child needs or should (in my opinion) be eating the dreaded "whites" (aka sugar, white flour, starches). It's just not healthy eating, period.

The main thing kids worry about is being cool at school. At the very least, not being different. The good news is that it's never been cool to eat school lunches, not even (oh dear) back in the '70's when I was in school!

Even better news is that technology is such that there are neat products on the market for the growing number of kids who refuse to eat school lunches, or who's parents are health conscious and refuse to let them.

I'm not endorsing these specific brands of products but am using the following websites to give you an idea of what is currently available to solve the problem kids face of not having the means to warm meals for lunch.

First is this neat product:
This soft-sided lunch box is designed so that you can carry both hot and cold at the same time. It has a mesh pocket on the inside to carry eating utensils, napkins etc. plus a water bottle! Soft sided is the rage today, this would be perfect for any student (or adult carrying lunch to work).

Next I found this cool lunch tote idea:
These are neat inserts you either freeze (for cold) or heat in the microwave for 3 minutes (for hot)…the hot pack lasts 5 hours (more than enough for school/work lunch) and the cold for up to 10 hours!

Food choices are as limited as your imagination. Wendy gave you all some terrific ideas. There are so many low carb product options out there for bread replacements etc. there is really no need to limit one's choices.

I suggest taking a few minutes to pre-plan perhaps 10 days worth of different meals. Sit down with your child and go over the options and pick their favorites. This would mean only a repeat once a month, which is very livable when variety or boredom is a problem. It also really helps when it's time to do the week's shopping so that you know you have all the staples you are going to need.

I tried the Dreamfield's Pasta this last week for the first time, and let me tell you it is incredible. My family agrees. It opens up a whole new area of food choices, not only for lunches but anytime. The leftovers were even more tasty as the sauce had absorbed into the pasta enhancing the flavor overall. The best part is there is only 5 grams of digestible carbs per serving! It took me a long time to try them. I watched other low carber's reactions to both the taste and the effects on stalling/ketosis/cravings/blood sugar levels not really believing it was possible to develop something that good with "undigestable" carbs and no adverse side effects. I'm thrilled to report, it's all true!



So there you have it, the topic for June 2004 in our humble opinions.
Editors of LCRN

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While I can't say I hated the recipes I've tried, I found most were closer to cake than real brownies.

When I got my sample of the Ultimate Low Carb Brownie Mix, I was surprised at how easy this was going to be. Melt ½ a stick of butter; add two medium eggs and 4 tablespoons of water, the mix and blend for 30 seconds. That's it! Spread evenly in a vegetable oil sprayed 8X8 pan, bake at 350 degrees for 25 to 35 minutes or until a tooth pick inserted in the center comes out clean. Boy did my house smell good!

I took them out of the oven to cool as directed. All the time I kept thinking, "they smell like real brownies, they even LOOK like real brownies…OH, I HOPE these TASTE like real brownies!

About that time, my daughter who works a couple of blocks down the street stopped in for her dinner break. She finds it much more low-carb friendly to stop and feast on mom's leftovers than to pick through the menu each day.

The minute she walked in the door she said "Boy, something smells yummy". Up the stairs she came, straight to the counter where the brownies were cooling. "MOM!" she scolded (thinking I had whipped up a batch of regular brownies). "Try one!" I said "I need a review from the whole family anyway. These ARE low-carb."

Even though they weren't entirely cooled we both tried a square. I thought my taste buds had died and gone to low-carb heaven! Here they were, in my own kitchen…low-carb brownies that taste just like mom's real brownies! Needless to say my daughter agreed! After her dinner and on her way out the door she v-lined it to the counter to grab her second brownie and popped it in her mouth saying with a mouth full "now THESE are keepers!"

Likewise, my non-low carbing Wayne did a double take when he came home from work. He had to agree that these truly tasted just like real brownies. He wasn't fooling me either; most of the pan went in HIS mouth!

While they were baking I thought of the recommendations on the package for variations. It suggests you try adding sugar free chocolate mini chips or nuts before baking. I also pondered whipping up a cream cheese frosting.

Quite honestly the Ultimate Fudge Brownie Mix doesn't need a thing added to it. I could have sworn it tasted like it had a transparent coating of sugar; it surely didn't need icing.

The Westly family's hats are off to Paula, the recipe developer for Low Carb Diet Chefs and her attention to detail in making a product so close to mom's brownies, I'd almost call them better! More so, Paula insists, like I do, that her recipes meet the critique of the non-low carbers in her home too. This is so important to me who insists we all eat the same thing. I can't wait to try more of their products for you all!

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"The recipes cover appetizers, dips, drinks, nut snacks, wings, various sauces, seasoning mixes and rubs (we had the All-Purpose Garlic & Herb Seasoning on hamburgers one night and the Greek Spice Mix on baked chicken another night, both on page 20), Schmears (I liked the Honey Nut Butter on page 28), salads and vegetable side dishes (Karen works wonders with cauliflower and turnips), a variety of main dishes including Oriental, Italian, Mexican, soups, quiches, and yes, even pizzas. Then comes the Fabulous Fakes section with all sorts of goodies which we low carbers find hard to come by such as cakes, cookies, icing, quick breads and muffins and a variety of yeast breads."

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Julia Trainor

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September's online support group of the month is Low Carb Plus at Yahoo Health Groups and belongs to Linda Sternhill Davis. I, (Julie) have been a member of Linda's group for a long time and there just is no more of a diligent, understanding, dedicated "list mom" out there than Linda. She always goes above and beyond to give individual attention to each and every member from the day they subscribe. She goes beyond the call of duty as a list owner with her constant research and sharing what she finds with her list members and for their special needs. This is truly a group no low carber with excessive weight loss to deal with should be without. Here is what Linda has to share about herself and her great group:

"I started our Low Carb Plus eGroup on January 10, 2002. I'm extremely pleased that we're still active and we've now provided support to each other and ourselves for more than two and a half years! We've built a wonderful and very caring online community together!"

"I had been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in November of 1998, and I couldn't understand why, despite my unwavering commitment to rigidly following a low fat, recommended diet for diabetics (as well as exercising -- even with a personal trainer!), I was not only *not* losing the 200-or-so extra pounds I was carrying, but I was also gaining weight and seeing my blood glucose levels become increasingly elevated over the years. This was a great concern to me because my father and his siblings all had serious complications from their uncontrolled glucose levels and diabetes, including amputations, blindness, heart attacks, strokes, kidney disease, neuropathy, and death! I am determined to live a long, happy, productive, and healthy life, and be around for my loved ones, so I definitely want to avoid these devastating and potentially horrific health complications!"

"I, therefore, undertook what eventually became several years of extensive research to learn what options and alternatives were available to me and my body. This journey led me to discover how our bodies respond to carbohydrates, and I was also introduced to the Glycemic Index and to the Sugar Busters way of eating. All of this information made so much sense to me from a physiological standpoint! I, thus, started following the Sugar Busters diet on January 3, 2002."

"I had already considered a well-known pre-packaged-food diet (Nutri/System), but felt that the products being offered actually contained too many (and the wrong kinds of!) carbohydrates. I knew that when these carbs would be converted into usable nutritional components by my body, my blood glucose levels would elevate, and my fat-storage hormone, insulin, would also spike. I didn't want to continue in this cycle, and I instead wanted to keep my blood glucose and insulin levels as close to "normal" as possible -- to minimize damage to my cells, organs, blood vessels, etc."

"Even though I ultimately chose not to follow the Nutri/System program, I did benefit from rediscovering this company! Its website offered members a free "100 Plus" online listserve, which provided encouragement and support to those of us who faced the goal of losing 100 pounds or more! It had often been frustrating to be part of other e-lists, bulletin boards, and diet groups (Weight Watchers, etc.) where members complained about their last five or ten stubborn pounds. If they only knew how *we* felt with our stubborn 100 or 200 pounds -- or more!"

"So, knowing how much we could all benefit from this kind of mutual support in a caring and non-judgmental environment, I started Sugar Busters Plus at Yahoo! Groups. This free eGroup very soon had a name change to Low Carb Plus when we discovered that dozens of women and even some men were looking for the kind of support network we could provide."

"All of us were similarly more than 100 lbs. overweight, and we were each following some kind of low carb and/or low glycemic eating plan. Our eGroup has grown from a few dozen members to more than 300 e-friends!"

"Because of my eventually diagnosed insulin resistance or metabolic syndrome, my blood glucose levels continued to rise on Sugar Busters, so six months in, I personally modified this eating plan to exclude the servings of permitted starchy carbs and fruit that were allowed on this program each day. My diet was then a hybrid combination of post-Induction Atkins / Sugar Busters / South Beach Diet / Schwarzbein Principle / etc. To this day, it still includes adequate amounts of protein, as well as moderate portions of low glycemic vegetables such as lettuce, spinach, broccoli, asparagus, cabbage, etc., with occasional, small portions of low glycemic fruit. I am very lucky that my dear husband is an extraordinary chef who prepares delicious and varied low carb, low glycemic meals and snacks for me. I am truly blessed!"

"I know that my increased girth resulted from years of crash and yo-yo diets, childbirth, hypothyroidism, hormonal changes and imbalances, and other related factors, yet I'm determined to not only "let go" of this stored fat permanently, but I also want to heal my body on a cellular level, so I'll no longer have to experience the progressively debilitating health conditions which often result from insulin resistance and diabetes."

"Because I feel that my own experiences and medical research can, hopefully, help others, I openly share information at our Low Carb Plus eGroup, and I warmly encourage other eGroup members to do the same."

"I'm a very collaborative person, who feels that instead of "reinventing the wheel," we can all make remarkable progress by working with each other and by sharing what we've discovered or experienced!"

"Since our eGroup members all have in common the fact that we have been labeled "obese" by the medical establishment and the general public, we seem to have had similar emotional and physical experiences as a result of our "size." Because of these commonalities, we are more open, honest, and forthright with each other in our communications, and we have created a sense of trust within our group. There are definitely issues and experiences that only obese people in our society have had to endure. Therefore, we have individually and collectively developed a special sensitivity, compassion, and understanding, which come forth in our group in a very nurturing and supportive way."

"Through expressing ourselves to each other, by sharing the taunts (or worse!) we've had to bear, by discussing topics such as hygiene or airplane or restaurant seats, etc., we share a bond and we can truly celebrate each others' victories and accomplishments! We cheer for each pound "lost forever!" We serve as a place to safely "vent" about personal hurts or frustrations. We motivate and encourage each other. Even moving around and exercising is often a challenge for those of us who are carrying hundreds of pounds of excess weight! We offer lots of understanding and support, as we examine our personal lives, goals, habits, past conditionings, etc. We take lots of small, manageable "baby" steps towards our improved health and weight loss!"

"I personally hope that our eGroup will continue to flourish and grow (as we each shrink! <grin>). I know that our group is an exceptional outreach, which links us together. I am always in awe of the fact that with the miracle of Internet technology, we can communicate with e-friends from all over the world! I know we can all continue to make some important personal changes, especially with the mutual support our eGroup offers."


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Our personal low carb website for August belongs to Anna Cooper. Here is what Anna had to say about herself, her low carb journey and the reason she created her personal low carb website:

"I'm 41 years old and was born and raised in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. When I was 38 I met a wonderful Australian man online when I happened to buy something from him on ebay. He made an error in calculating my total cost, so I had to write him to discuss it, and one thing led to another and we began corresponding regularly. I found him to be fun and witty and just a really cool guy. The next two years were spent traveling to meet each other (my first time flying EVER) and checking into the migration process. He asked me to marry him, I rid myself of most of my possessions and moved to Australia, and we were married in November 2003."

"I've spent most of my life battling with my weight ... dieting only served to make me fatter. When I got to Australia I decided to try again to get healthy, but I knew going on a diet would NOT work. I'd learned that lesson well. I'd done some reading on the glycemic index and how various foods affect blood sugar levels. Having Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) had taught me all about blood sugar and insulin resistance, and the more I read about how certain carbohydrate foods affect blood sugar levels, it began to make sense to me."

"Between October 2003 and August 2004 I lost 66 pounds (that's 30 kilos!) by following a low G.I. way of eating. I changed my lifestyle, I did NOT go on a diet, starve or deprive myself of my favorite foods. That's probably the most important message I'd like to get across with my site. Diets don't work. A diet is a temporary deprivation ... something you do to lose weight, and eventually you go OFF the diet and regain the weight. It's a terrible yo-yo cycle that I've broken for good."

"The truth is you HAVE to look at it as a new lifestyle ... the way you are going to eat from now on. You can't live forever in a state of deprivation; therefore a diet is not the answer. Eating healthier foods in general and doing some form of exercise is the real answer."

"People have been asking me how I've managed to lose this much, what I've been eating, etc. so I thought I'd just make this little site to share my story. My journey is by NO means over; I've got a long ways to go. But I feel very good about myself for making it this far. First I bought two great books, The New Glucose Revolution, and The Good Carb Cookbook: Secrets of Eating Low on the Glycemic Index. They helped me to know which foods are moderate to high G.I., and which foods are low G.I. Then I simply replaced the moderate to high G.I. foods that I was eating with low G.I. alternatives."


You can visit Anna's website here:

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Arturo writes:
Q: I am 33 yrs old 5'8" 200lbs married with 3 children, 1, 8 & 11. I work 12-hour rotating shifts and am struggling with sticking to a workout and diet. Currently I am doing Atkins (in my 2nd month). My biggest problem is that I hate vegetables, and don't eat many of the meats allowed on Atkins. I do not like steak, fish (most types). I have tried and tried to acquire the taste for steaks and for common vegetables like squash, cucumbers, broccoli, cauliflower, etc. and I cannot enjoy the taste of them. Mostly they make me want to gag. Unfortunately on this diet that is my main source of food. So I am miserable with the diet and trying to stick to any type of regular workout is nearly impossible. I know all about making time and being determined, but sometimes your set aside time has to be set aside for > unexpected things. I haven't given up, but I'm not very happy right now. When I married I was 34" waist and no gut. Now I have a little pooch that just won't go away. Trying to do sit-ups and crunches or any ab routine is very hard. And on top of that I'm always tired because of my rotating work schedule. Is there anyone with exact or similar circumstances that could be of help?

A: Wow - 12 hour rotating shifts and 3 kids. I'm not sure I could have stuck with Atkins for two months and I hope you continue to stick to the low-carb way of eating. If you are having such trouble with Atkins, why not try reading about other low-carb diets - maybe you'll find a closer fit with one of them.

Eating protein is more than eating steak and fish. Have you tried eggs? Eggs are very versatile and budget conscious. What about hamburger, ham, bacon, pork or chicken? If you don't like fish, what about tuna or shrimp? Have you ever eaten a fire grilled salmon steak? Perhaps you only need to change the preparation of a few foods and to make them more palatable. Protein can also be found in foods other than meat - tofu, beans, nuts, seeds, bean curd, peanut butter, almond butter, egg whites, cheese and yogurt are a few alternate sources.

If you don't like vegetables such as broccoli, squash and cauliflower, then stick with mixed green salads and the vegetables you do like. All types of salad vegetables are Atkins legal. Try marinating red and yellow peppers and grill them with a marinated chicken breast, or slice up the chicken breast (or pork) and stir fry it with water chestnuts, green onions, mushrooms and peppers - try adding just a few broccoli florets or a handful of squash and see if you can stomach the vegetables when they are mixed in a dish. Make a crust-less quiche and add very finely chopped broccoli - you may find that the taste of the vegetable is hidden by the eggs and cheese flavor. One of my favorite meals is fresh green beans, boiled until tender with 2-3 bacon slices added to the pot. Have you tried eating broccoli or cauliflower covered in cheese sauce?

Regarding exercising to target your ab area. If what you are doing is too hard, try an exercise such as yoga or Pilates, or a series of simple stretches you can repeat to music. The best exercise is walking - if you have breaks at work, instead of sitting down and drinking a cup of coffee or chatting with co-workers, get up and walk the halls or around the building concourse. Start parking at the back of the parking lot and walking further to the front door of work, Wal-mart or the grocery store. The main thing to remember is don't try to stick with or dwell on something that doesn't seem to be working - try new things until you hit on what works for you.

Hope this helps,

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Peggy Lee from Maryland is 54 years old and 5' 1" inch tall. Peggy Lee has been following the Atkins program since July 1, 2002, and has plummeted from 325 pounds to 180 pounds! When Peggy Lee began, she wore size 24/26 and is now wearing size 16s. Peggy Lee's goal is to weigh 140 pounds and wear a size 12.

You can read the rest of Peggy Lee's story here:

If you are a low carb success whether it be through weight loss or
health and would like to share YOUR story, let us know! Send an email
to:submissions@lowcarbresource.com Subject line: "Success Story"


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Alice from Ontario writes:
You girls should write a book!

Melanie writes:
Thanks for yet another fabulous newsletter! I found your camping tips very helpful. Ideas I'd never thought of. Thanks again!

Andy writes:
Quality information, a variety of subjects. Enjoy the newsletter immensely!

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Our "In the Files" feature of Paula Tolbert's tried and true Somersize recipes will be on hold for a few months. Paula has her hands full these days and is unable to continue supplying us with recipes at the moment. We will continue the feature when Paula is up to it again. In the mean time, remember there are fourteen weeks worth of Paula's favorites in our files section.

To take a peek at Paula's recipe recommendations for dinner go to the group's main page:
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This month we are featuring ZUCCHINI RECIPES!

We had 16 Zucchini recipes sent in by our readers to share with you. Thanks SO MUCH to everyone who submitted recipes! Keep them coming!

You can find this month's Zucchini RECIPES here (in plain text, printer friendly version):


September's RECIPE DIGEST will feature TUNA RECIPES. Let's share some GREAT recipes with our readers! Send your favorite TUNA recipe in NOW!

We'd LOVE to have you send in your recipes or recipes you've found, tried, or adapted to low-carb. Recipes do NOT have to be YOUR original creation to submit them to the newsletter. However, we do require IF you know the creator, you give them credit when you submit. IF you got the recipe from a website, include the URL to that website, or the poster to a news group. If you don't know or remember where it came from, make note of "source unknown". That way, if the creator lets us know, we can credit them in the next newsletter. Every effort is ALWAYS made to credit recipes to the developers and websites who deserve that credit for providing wonderful variety for us living low carb lives!

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