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Atkin's Cranberry Recipe

Serving Size: 8

2 1/2 cups fresh cranberries
1 1/2 cup water
1 package diet lemon or orange gelatin
8 packets sugar substitute
2 tablespoons cranberry or orange liqueur
1 tablespoon Raspberry diet sugar-free syrup
1 Pinch salt

Cook cranberries in water over low heat until they pop open.
Drain and press through sieve, and add boiling water until there is 1 1/2 cups liquid.
Dissolve gelatin, sugar substitute, liqueur, and syrup in hot liquid.
Chill until firm. Add garnish for color. Slice to serve.

Serves 8
Shared by Bonnie K

Total Carbs: 67.2 grams Carbs per Serving: 8.4 grams

NOTES : For those of you missing your cranberry sauce, here is a recipe from a flyer that Dr. Atkins sent out last year.

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