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April 26, 2004


From the Editors:

Welcome back to Low Carb RESOURCE Newsletter and many thanks for the hundreds of well wishes sent to me while I (Julie) have been recovering from my back surgery(s)!

There are a couple of changes that are accompanying our return to publishing our monthly newsletter. The biggest and most exciting change is that we have a NEW co-editor, Wendy Landes!

Elisa, as most of you know, is newly married but has decided to focus on her new husband, home, and the traveling they would like to do. We will all miss her very much, but wish her and her husband Ib the BEST of luck for long and happy lives.

I am very excited to introduce you all to Wendy and have her join the team. I can’t express what an asset she will be to our newsletter and website. You can read Wendy’s introduction here (scroll down past mine):


Secondly, we’re going to try out some format changes. There have been some subscriber concerns on how “long” the newsletter is in email form. So beginning this month we will mail out “links” to the newsletter and recipes. The link to the information based section of our newsletter will take you to our website, where you’ll find it in “plain text, printer friendly” form for those of you who like to print it out for later reading. If you prefer reading offline, just cut and paste the newsletter to an email and email it to yourself. We will also “link” to the month’s recipes the same way if you’d like to print or cut/paste those also. We hope this meets with everyone’s approval and is more “reader friendly”. Comments on the newsletter and its new format are always more than welcome.

We hope you enjoy our featured topic this month “The Low Carb Craze, Buyer Beware!”. Wendy and I will be sharing some thoughts and ideas for you to ponder. No matter what stage in this journey you find yourself, we hope you find them useful.

As we edge back into the newsletter full steam with new ideas and structure, we hope you will all recommend us to your online friends and groups.

Here’s to positive changes and making 2004 a successful and healthy year!

Thank you all again for your patience during our absence!

Julie, Wendy and the LCRN Team


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From Co-Editor Julie W:

I’ve been a dedicated low carber for nearly four years. There was a time I thought I’d NEVER see the day when not only the medical community but also the food manufacturers would embrace low carb eating.

Four years ago, even living in the second largest city in the state, I still had to order Splenda online. Stores just didn’t carry it. Food with “low carb” on the label was nowhere to be found locally. I can’t count how many times I wished I could walk in a store and see the words low carb instead of low fat at every glance.

Be careful what you wish for!

The low carb craze has hit the nation. The research and studies released have turned the tides from low fat being the “thing” to do to low carb. The stores are flooded with new “low carb” products popping up every day. Manufacturers are focusing on low carb product development with a vengeance. Television and magazines are full of ads for low carb this, low carb that. Restaurants have “low carb” menus; fast food low carb choices are everywhere. Low Carb program spin offs are hitting the market with books on “the right way” to eat low carb. Rarely a day goes by, and certainly not a week where you don’t hear or read “low carb” in the press. BUT….are all these products and programs REALLY acceptable low carb options for YOU?

I have to chuckle and shake my head when I do my weekly grocery shopping. There are signs with arrows everywhere and the words “Atkins Friendly” pointing to the broccoli, cauliflower, and green beans…the list goes on. Then of course there are the whole sections that have emerged with nothing BUT these new so called low carb products.

The Government is preparing to “define low carb” for us in an attempt to regulate products claiming to be low carb. Think about it, that is a scary thought! The old government recommendations were 300 to 375 grams of carbs per DAY. So what will our government decide is “low carb”, half of that perhaps? OUCH!

When I first began low carbing, it was said that technically low carb was anything under 100 grams per day. For many of us, 100 grams per day will not be low carb enough for “us” either for weight reduction, maintenance or health reasons.

Once the government makes a determination there will be (and already is) sneaky little ways manufacturers can fool us into thinking their products will be viable options for our low carb programs. Many of those little "slight of word" tricks were popular with low fat products also. How many of us fell for them?

You’re going to see labels that say “Reduced Carb”. I checked the label on a resent version of reduced carb pasta. This product had 31 grams of carbs per serving as compared to 41 grams for their regular brand. I saw the same results with a “juice” product with lower carb claims. Technically it is “reduced”, but not low carb for me (and I’d bet the house not for you either).

Then there are the labels that will state “lower in carbs”. Again, by checking labels this only means it’s lower than the regular brands, not necessarily low enough to eat. The key is CHECK the labels. Just because it has the word “ carb “ on the label, leading you to believe it is an acceptable choice for low carb eating, does not mean it is LOW enough in carbs to be apart of our way of eating.

Another trick of the trade will be “NET”, “USABLE”, “EFFECTIVE” or “SUGAR” carbs, the number on the label being very low.

Most of you know that “they” (who are they anyway?) say low carbers can deduct fiber and sugar alcohol carbs from the total carb count of products. The theory is that they do not affect your blood sugar. Read again, they say “minimal effect on your blood sugar”. It doesn’t say a thing about having a minimal effect on your weight loss attempts.

I’ve never had a problem with people who deduct fiber. Fiber isn’t absorbed and does not need to be counted as a carbohydrate for weight loss. I personally don’t deduct fiber. It gives me leeway for the unforeseen. We don’t always have total control over food preparation in our busy lives. Not deducting fiber gives me a mindless security in keeping my carb intake within my limits for health and weight loss.

I do throw up the red flags when I see people abuse or overuse things with sugar alcohols or artificial sweeteners in them. Do they REALLY affect you? Do they set off cravings for more?

Read this (low carb food for thought?): http://bestlowcarbs.com/article1082.html

Another mind game we play and have for years is overeating “because it’s low carb”. How many of us sat and ate a whole box of Snackwells because they were low fat? Again, read the labels. It may “look” good until you see the label reflects a serving and how SMALL that serving really is. Is that realistic consumption for you?

One more time, READ THE LABELS! I’ve seen some of these “so called” low carb products have ingredients that are NOT low carb acceptable, corn syrup for example. A small serving may be low in carbs, but the impact from sugar or sugar by another name will backfire on you.

Remember, the basis for success in all the low carb plans is fresh, nutritious REAL food. Unprocessed meat, fresh veggies, and berries are real food. Variety is wonderful, and very important in life long ability to maintain this lifestyle. But when you find yourself eating more and more processed food and sacrificing real food, you’ll run into trouble. Limit yourself to occasional, not daily. Read the labels and show the manufacturers you won’t settle for “the tricks”. If you don’t buy them, you leave them no choice but to supply legitimate options.

It’s all about demand, demand quality.


From Co-Editor Wendy L:

Angie, my niece, sits at my kitchen table, watching me break open a package of Atkins Shakes and place the cans in the refrigerator. She says, with a sigh, “Are you on the Atkins Diet again? I wish I could afford to low carb. A woman I work with is on the Atkins Diet and she has lost almost forty pounds. She does the shakes and the bars but I can’t afford to buy that stuff and eat like that. That’s why I can’t lose weight. I just can’t afford to low carb.”

Angie’s comments remind me of the plaintive wails I’ve heard over the years while reading posts to any number of online low carb support groups. “Someone tell me what I can eat!”; “What can I buy that I can eat now that I am on a low carb diet.” “I need brand names!”; “Help me make a grocery list of what can I eat?” I can always tell when a newcomer to low carb has failed to read “The Book”: “Dr. Atkins_ New Diet Revolution” by Robert C. Atkins, M.D.

I explain to Angie that maintaining a low carb lifestyle does not mean you only eat shakes and bars. Nothing could be further from the truth. Following a low carb diet does not mean you eat only processed food packaged to target the low carb diet market. Low carb eating is about fueling your body with foods that are natural and healthy and good for you. Low carb is eating real eggs for breakfast with bacon but NO toast, not eating one low carb bar or drinking a shake.

“But you drink the shakes”, she replies. “Yes”, I say, “In moderation, not all low carb convenience foods are bad for you, but they are just that, convenience. I buy the shakes and use them two or three times a week when my morning schedule is rushed and I know I won’t be able to stop and eat. I don’t use the shakes any more than that because I stall when I do. It’s the same thing with the low carb candy that is being sold. Sure, it tastes good when you eat a few pieces but the sugar alcohols that candy contains gives me unmentionable gastric distress if I eat too much of it. Maybe once every three months I pick up a low carb candy bar and eat it, but no more than that. I do not make a habit of eating them every day.”

“But then what do you eat, if you don’t use the shakes and the bars?” she says puzzled.

If you are determined to make a lifestyle change where your diet is concerned, start by reading Dr. Atkins’ or one of the other low carb books and familiarize yourself with the basics of nutrition and the different food groups. You must understand how your body metabolizes different foods. Your body cannot function at optimum peak if you feed it food that is created in a laboratory or food that has been refined to the point that very little of the original food value remains.

Low carb eating means buying fresh, real food. Fill your cart with fresh salad vegetables, fresh or frozen fish, fresh chicken, lamb, beef, pork and turkey. Berries are excellent sources of fruit. Try to buy fresh, but if you do buy frozen check those labels and make sure the fruit is not washed in sugar syrup. You can eat cheeses, cream cheese and eggs. You can eat bacon and lunch meats in moderation. Remember, those types of meats are processed, which means adding nitrates and sometimes sugar. Read the ingredient label on salad dressing bottles and pick dressings with 1 or 2 carbs per serving. Compare labels. Notice how the Italian dressing has 2 carb grams while the Red French contains 13!

Keep your meal preparation quick and simple. A mixed green salad with a grilled chicken breast or grilled salmon fillet, eaten on the deck in the quiet evening breeze is better than any meal in a five star restaurant. A small hibachi grill is a great alternative to dragging out the Webber.

Leave the vegetable oil on the grocery shelf and buy olive oil instead. Sauté the chicken or fish fillet in a little olive oil and garlic instead of using the grill. Add some lemon juice and butter. Experiment with different herbs and spices when you flavor your meals.

Tired of mixed green salads at every meal? Chop up tomatoes, cucumbers and a few green onions and toss with ranch or another dressing. Add some tuna or cooked chopped chicken. Use your imagination and eat fresh and natural.

I guarantee you that after eating this way for a period of time you will feel better. You will sleep better and you will have more energy. You will begin to care about what you put in your mouth, and you will consciously choose a serving of fresh vegetables over a serving of French fries or mashed potatoes when you eat out.

The low carb craze is in full swing. Four years ago, the only place I could buy Atkins Shakes was either GNC or order online. There was a low carb meal bar available at that time from a couple of different companies, if you could stand to actually chew the thing up and swallow it. I always compared eating those bars to trying to eat cardboard, flavored with sawdust and a little chocolate or strawberry wax. That was the extent of low carb food offerings. Two years ago, Wal-Mart started stocking the Atkins Shakes, along with low carb bars and candy. This was certainly as good as it was going to get, I thought at the time. Was I surprised! I never dreamed I would see the low carb product explosion that has taken place over the last year!

The scene at the local HyVee grocery is amazing. There is an entire department dedicated to low carb and health food, a department every bit as big as the meat or dairy section. In this department you can find more low carb choices than you can shake a stick at. You can find: meal replacement bars, candy, bread, bagels, chips, crackers, spaghetti sauce, shakes, tortilla wraps, taco shells, and ice cream! What will they think of next?

In our world of instant gratification, I believe the low carb industry is setting themselves up for a fall. The new low carb dieter is convinced, because they have read one article in a magazine or because they have seen a coworker drop forty pounds eating nothing but shakes and bars, that in order to succeed and become a diet success they must eat only those foods labeled as “low carb”.

Take a good look at the labels on this so-called “low carb” food! Ha! 43 carb grams in one frozen dinner touted as low carb; 31 carb grams in one meal bar; 15 carb grams in a serving size of 5 small crackers. Since when is a food that contains 24 grams of sugar low carb? Hey- it says “low carb” on the label!

I cannot eat at these carb levels and reap the benefits of a low carb lifestyle. I fear that there are many people who will jump into a low carb diet, expecting instant weight loss and health improvements simply because they are eating the processed low carb foods found in their local grocery. After all, if the government lets the manufacturer put “low carb” on the label it’s low carb, right? We should all know better than that.

When eating these processed, chemical laden, high carb foods do not bring about the expected benefits, there will be a backlash that will have the naysayers shouting in glee that they were right about low carb all along. People will flee from the mention of a low carb diet, go back to a low fat diet and get fatter and fatter.

The answer is education. Learn about nutrition. Learn about your body processes. Learn the differences in foods and what foods are good for you and what foods are not. Base your food choices on what you know is good for you, not what is simply convenient. Become healthy and you will see the benefits in all areas of your life.

“We are the hero of our own story” - Mary McCarthy.


So there you have it, the Topic for April 2004 in our humble opinions.

Editors of LCRN


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Other Names For SUGAR:

In keeping with our topic for this month and it’s focus on reading labels the tip this month will be the other names for sugar you may see on food labels.

An easy to remember rule is the OSE rule. Typically anything with “ose” ending the word is sugar by another name. Table sugar is sucrose. The EXCEPTION to that rule is Splenda, which is called sucr-AL-ose. It ends in “ose” because it is derived from sugar but is carb and calorie free.

Some of those “ose” sugars are sucrose, dextrose, fructose, lactose, maltose, and glucose.

Additionally, anything that says (insert name) “syrup” is to be considered a sugar as well as fruit juice concentrates, honey or molasses.

Read the ingredient information when looking for sugar. The nutritional counts can say Sugars: 1gm, for instance yet be the “natural sugar” in the food item and not added sugar.


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Our featured Group of the Month is IntheKitchen_LowCarbCooking at Yahoo Groups, which was created by Jena Buttimer. ITKLCC is a fantastic group helping people with the hows and whys of creating GREAT TASTING low carb dishes. Jena tells us about her group:

“I'm Jena Buttimer and I'm the list owner of the InTheKitchen_LowCarbCooking group, also known as the "Food Geeks"!

“I started this group out of frustration. Before Low Carb, I was quite the baker and took great enjoyment from cooking. I had provided deserts for upscale restaurants, won several national contests and had taken some continuing-ed classes from Johnson and Wales. My sister is a baker and sugar artist and is in high demand (can you see how green I am?). I love going down to Savannah and helping her in her kitchen.

Once I started low-carbing last March, I gave up all of that. After all, the myriad of ingredients and substitutions for low carb baking is overwhelming!”

“It only took about four months for me to decide I was going to beat this thing called "Low Carb Baking". I was determined to ONLY use ingredients that were close subs to the original recipes. No powdered protein, soy flour or Splenda for this girl! None of this "take two scoops of chocolate designer whey protein, 1/2 cup Splenda and 1/2 cup cocoa, mix together and bake for 10 minutes, “Tastes JUST like BROWNIES!!! YUM!!” for me. It had to be as close to the TNT original recipe or it wasn't worth doing. LOL!”

“In order to do this I had to learn how to bake all over again. I had to study the properties of ingredients, how they react to each other and what role they play in the recipe, in order to come up with suitable low carb ingredients to replace the high carb ones. When I started posting what I was learning, I found that a few others were traveling down the same path. Still others wanted to know but didn't want to go to the expense of buying lots of ingredients (they aren't cheap!), had no idea where to start, were just too disappointed with recipes they had tried or had recipes that flopped and there was no one to ask "why?".

“So I put together this little group. We just passed 400 members. Our purpose is to conquer low carb baking, help each other with tips and tricks, share where to buy LC ingredients, share our experiences experimenting with different ingredients, getting help when we get stuck, and finally, sharing the final recipe with the group.”

“We aren't really a recipe exchange group; there are several really great ones already. We do have recipes, though, and if you use one from the list, you can bet it is TNT! It's the place you want to go to find out why you should use Maltitol for the topping of your crème brûlé instead of Splenda, what adding some powdered egg whites to your bread dough will do, when to use xanthan gum and when to use guar gum. I said we were geeks! Because the recipes are the result of hard work and effort of the poster, we ask that you please feel free to use them yourself, but do not reproduce or share recipes without the express written consent of the recipe writer.”

“If anyone would like to join us, we would love to have you! I would like to encourage you to read the info in the files section of the web site and browse back through the posts. You will really learn a lot! We do stay on topic, sometimes there is lots of posting, sometimes a little. We tend to do our chatting on other lists.”

Hope to see you there!

If you are interested in Low Carb Baking/Cooking this is THE place you need to be. Below is the link to join Jena’s fantastic group.



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Our personal low carb website for April belongs to Anne.

Anne began following the Atkins program on March 13 of 2003. So far Anne has lost and incredible 57 pounds, with 43 to go. She began her low carb journey weighing 260 pounds and her goal weight is 160.

"I started my web site because I used to be a legal secretary and believe in a paper trail." Anne chuckled. "I've been fairly fanatic about documenting my progress every step of the way. I weigh every morning, average once a week, measure every two weeks, and photograph once a month, both front and side shots."

"I guess a part of me really couldn't believe it could be this painless to lose weight and I needed the evidence to prove it, as if the clothes falling off me wasn't proof enough! I've gone down from an unreasonably tight size 24 to a 16 so far."

"My husband Paul, who has much less to lose than I, started Atkins at the same time but had no interest in documenting his progress."

"Paul and I both love to cook and we're pretty inventive, so we started coming up with new recipes and adaptations of old ones. I decided to put my adapted recipes up on the web for others to enjoy."

"From there, my site just kind of mutated and grew on its own to include products I'd personally tried and liked, new things people might not have heard about, and links to places I liked to shop."

"The latest addition has been a big section, Cheese 101 for Low Carbers. I'm a cheese fanatic myself, and so many wonderful cheeses are becoming readily available today. I thought I'd do my bit to encourage other low carbers to expand their horizons. I put up a cheese tasting journal I've personally kept for years--it's quite a humorous read, by the way."

"The most important points I guess I would want to convey to other low carbers are to spoil yourself and be adventurous. Don't let yourself be caught in a rut of making and eating the same things over and over, "getting by" with certain dishes or foods."

"When I started Atkins, I promised myself that every bite of food I put in my mouth was going to be extraordinary. I knew if I felt deprived or felt like I was merely "getting by" or "making do", I'd cheat. If, on the other hand, I liked what I was eating *better* than what I had before, I'd succeed. I keep the fridge *full* of yummy goodies for quick meals and snacking -- flavored chicken wings, variations on deviled eggs, several varieties of cheese, dips for celery and pork rinds, etc."

"Paul and I experiment heavily with new foods, techniques or cuisines and have made some delightful discoveries. We don't indulge much in low-carb prepared foods or snacks because, frankly, we can do better at home."

"Although I used to be a big sweet eater, I just don't have the cravings for them now. Neither Paul nor I have cheated once since we started Atkins. We take pitch-in dishes to parties and family events and the non-low carbers dig in and enjoy."

"I feel like I have a really vested interest in helping other low carbers to succeed. The more people who participate and succeed in this WOL, the more well-known and "mainstream" it becomes, the easier it becomes for me to walk into a restaurant and find something really yummy on the menu tailored to my way of eating."

"I hope that my web site will inspire other low carbers to hang in there, to take a chance on some new dish or food, and to view this as a long-term and very livable way of life, not just a diet."

Visit Anne's website by clicking the link below:



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Rachel writes:

I keep hearing “watch for hidden carbs”. What EXACTLY is a hidden carb?

Hi Rachel,

In the United States, by law a manufacturer can state 0 carbs per serving if their product contains less than .499 grams per serving. If it contains less than one but more than .499 grams per serving, it can (and will) be labeled < (or less than) 1 gram per serving.

A common example is heavy whipping cream (not ultra pasteurized) which states 0 carbs per 1 Tablespoon serving. It actually is 6.64 grams of carbs per fluid cup (which will make 2 cups of whipped).

This wouldn’t “seem” to be a problem. Except who among us would only use 1 Tbs of heavy cream? See how it could become a problem very quickly?

Powdered products like artificial sweeteners, sugar free gelatin and other such products contain fillers consisting many times of maltodextrin, dextrose, or corn syrup solids, all high glycemic.

This helps to make my case for NOT deducting fiber and sugar alcohols. This is one of the examples of giving you some leeway.

Organ meats, processed meat, and imitation meat (crab) for instance, all have carbs and should not be categorized as “carb free” like other meats.

Until you’re more familiar with the actual carbs in foods something to remember is that the ONLY things that are truly carb FREE are unseasoned, unprocessed meat, oil, liquid sweetener and water. Every thing else you should count as .5 grams per serving (if it says 0) and 1 carb if it states less than 1 per serving.

A great place to find out, until you are more familiar with carb counts on certain foods, is the USDA Nutritional Database site located here:


Hope this helps,
Wendy and Julie


If you have questions for the editors PLEASE send them in to: submissions@lowcarbresource.com Subject line "Q&A"



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Clyde from Texas is 47 years old. He follows the Atkins program and is current at goal weight and on maintenance. Clyde began at 280 pounds and a 40 inch "tight" waist. He was delighted to reach 210 pounds and wear size 36 waist pants for the first time in over 20 years. Clyde's weight is currently 222 pounds but not from fat gain, rather lean muscle from weight training.

Read the rest of Clyde’s story here:


If you are a low carb success whether it is through weight loss or health and would like to share YOUR story, let us know! Send an email to:

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We got SO many wonderful reader emails after our announcement that we would be taking a hiatus until now due to my back surgery. There is just no way to even begin to print them all or choose one over another to print. I tried very hard to respond to as many as I could personally but with the hundreds that arrived I just couldn’t keep up.

Let me say now, to EVERYONE who sent well wishes and “don’t worry about it, just get well” emails, THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart. You don’t know how hard it was for me to lay “my baby” aside long enough to get well.

God Bless You All, Julie


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"In The Files" is a feature especially for subscribers of "Low Carb RESOURCE Newsletter".


Paula Tolbert is a successful Somersizer; having lost 153 pounds in two and a half years and has kept it off. Paula believes that variety in meals has been a huge part of her success.

"I believe the best thing as far as a new way of eating is to enjoy food and not get stuck in a rut by eating the same things every week". Paula said, "Since I now cook from scratch every night, I don't want to get burned out in the kitchen. Each dinner is something new. I feel like an artist in the kitchen, preparing a masterpiece each night. I present dinner like a finished product that we all enjoy. I pick seven new recipes to try each week, not tested or tried. So far, I have been lucky. In 2 1/2 years, I have only found four "bad" recipes. Some were really good, some were just ok, but almost all were good."

Paula has agreed to share with our readers "In The Files" these tried and tested recipes. Paula has found recipes all over the net.

"In The Files" this month, you can find yet another two weeks worth of Paula's "new recipes for the day" that she has made and tried herself.

To take a peek at Paula's recipe recommendations for dinner go to the newsletter's main page:


Click files, and then click the folder that says, "Somersize Dinner Recipes Tried by Paula".

The files section if accessible to subscribers only.



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Beginning in May, Julie's husband Wayne will be joining our writing staff with a bi-monthly column called "The Other Side of the Carb...Living with a Low Carber". Wayne feels he can give some ideas and insight to spouses and family who live day to day with low carbers. He has agreed to share the insight he has acquired living over three years as a NON-low carber in the same house with an avid low carber. Wayne will address common concerns, problems, tips, advice and a bit of humor from the outside looking in.

He is working on his “first reader question” now! (The slacker didn’t get it done in time for this month). I’ll give him a break due to his job flying him to Texas every other week and the LONG “honey do” list I have for him. (Don’t tell him I said that!)

If you have any questions or concerns which you'd like to see Wayne address in his column you can send them to:

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Next is the Recipe section of Low Carb RESOURCE Newsletter. As a rule, each month a different flavor or ingredient will be featured in many categories such as main, side, appetizer, dessert, beverage, breads, and condiments.

This month we are featuring COCONUT RECIPES including those using unsweetened coconut, coconut milk or coconut extract.

We had 16 coconut recipes sent in by our readers to share with you all. Thanks SO MUCH to everyone who submitted recipes, keep them coming!

You can find this month’s COCONUT RECIPES HERE in plain text, printer friendly version:

Click here for this months recipes!

SPECIAL THANKS goes out to Lori S. from Nashville and Kathie C. from Washington for running the submitted recipes through the MasterCook format for us!


May’s RECIPE DIGEST will feature FLAXSEED recipes. Flaxseed is not only a wonderful low carb food, but it is a super form of fiber.

Send your favorite FLAXSEED recipes in >>>>NOW!<<<<

We'd LOVE to have you send in your recipes or recipes you've found, tried, or adapted to low carb. Recipes do NOT have to be YOUR original creation to submit them to the newsletter. However, we do require IF you know the creator, you give them credit when you submit. IF you got the recipe from a website, include the URL to that website, or the poster to a news group. If you don't know or remember where it came from, make note of "source unknown". That way, if the creator let's us know, we can credit them in the next newsletter. Every effort is ALWAYS made to credit recipes to developers and websites who deserve that credit for providing wonderful variety for us living low carb lives!

So dig out those FLAXSEED recipes and send them on to us NOW for the May 24, 2004 edition: recipes@lowcarbresource.com



That's it for April's Low Carb RESOURCE Newsletter! We hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did bringing it to you. Be sure to help spread the word and send the link to subscribe to your friends and fellow low carbers everywhere:

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HUGE thanks to everyone who contributed to this month's newsletter submitting ideas, recipes, suggestions, and helping in so many ways .

God BLESS you ALL! It turned out GREAT!

If you have ANY comments, suggestions, or submissions please send them to the addresses included in this newsletter, or refer to the contact information folder for contact/submission information at the newsletter subscription website if not found in this edition. (Group main page, click "files" on the left, then click the folder that says “Editor’s Intros and Contact Info” OR just send them to comments@lowcarbresource.com

See you ALL next month!

Julie A. Westly: Co-Editor/Writer
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Lori S. in Nashville
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