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How to Select and Store:

If possible, purchase green beans at a store or farmer's market that
sells them loose so that you can sort through them to choose the
beans of best quality. Purchase beans that have smooth feel and a
vibrant green color, and that are free from brown spots or bruises.
They should have a firm texture and `snap' when broken.
Store unwashed fresh beans pods in a perforated plastic bag kept in
the refrigerator crisper. Whole beans stored this way should keep for
about three days.

Tips for Preparing Green Beans:
Just prior to using the green beans, wash them under running water.
Remove both ends of the beans by either snapping them off or cutting
them with a knife.

A Few Quick Serving Ideas:
Green beans are a classic ingredient in Salad Nicoise, a French cold
salad dish that combines steamed green beans with tuna fish and
potatoes. Note: LC'ers omit potato
Healthy sauté green beans with shiitake mushrooms.
Prepare the perennial favorite, green beans almondine, by sprinking
slivered almonds on healthy sautéed beans.
Roast green beans, red peppers and garlic, and combine with olive oil
and seasonings to make a delicious salad.
Add chopped green beans to breakfast frittatas.

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