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Welcome to Low Carb Resource, home of The Low Carb Linkfinder and The Low Carb Resource Newsletter!

Have questions about low carb?  You've come to the best place for answers!  Our staff has been around the low carb arena a long time.  We were successfully low carbing back in the early 1990's and experienced first hand, year's ago, the benefits of following a low carb lifestyle.  We've "been there, done that" so we can help you now

Low carb is phenomenal!  If you are overweight, eating low carb will take the weight off.  It's been proven again and again, in study after study.  A lot of health issues, including  PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or Disease), diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, fibromyalgia, depression, PMS (Pre Menstrual Syndrome), risk of heart attack or stroke, obesity, insulin resistance, hypothyroidism, back pain (just to name a few) can be alleviated or banished completely if you are serious and conscientius in following a low carb way of eating.  Commit to making the necessary lifestyle change.  Be healthy.  Be alive.

Like anything worthwhile, it isn't easy to begin and there are bumps in the road.  Once the pounds start to melt away and you begin to move because you feel better - well, your world will change and you'll feel so good you'll stick to it and won't go back! 

So, settle in, relax and take a look at the treasures hiding within our page links.  Bookmark us and come back regularly!  We're always adding new content and the latest low carb news!  Send our page link to your friends!  Subscribe to our newsletter HERE and register to win free prizes!

Welcome!  We know you're going to like it here!

Welcome from the Staff of LCR


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You have within yourself the ability to do great things.  It's all about taking what you've got, adding knowledge and then working to achieve your goals. 

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