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2004 Link Finder Reviews!
Hear What People are Saying About the 2004 Low Carb Link Finder!

This is the most amazing LC resource that I have ever come across; a veritable LC encyclopedia ... Tania from Australia

I just got my copy of the Link finder. Every low carber needs this no matter what plan you follow. This is a wonderful tool. The information you get off here would take the average person months if not years to find. The $4.99 Julie asks is worth 10 times more at any rate. So if you are in doubt get this and you will be happy camper. Well I'm off to read some more. I also agree the pdf format is great and very organized. THANKS Julie for offering a great tool to fellow low carbers. A very happy customer here! ...Sherry

The latest version of Julie's Low Carb Link Finder goes even beyond the version I purchased last year. I got mine in the PDF format this year, and the organization is awesome. As a list moderator, I'm often stuck with how to respond to certain questions--but with this Link Finder, all I have to do is look up the link and click.

Oh, BTW, I THOUGHT I discovered something missing from the list. Oops, Bill, it was there, too! So, for anyone, from Induction to Maintenance, this is one awesome resource ...Bill from Montana

I *love* your revised link finder for 2004, Julie! Thanks so much for the speedy service, too! This is the most comprehensive list of links in one place that I have *ever* seen! It has everything a person could ask for and then some... I wish everyone on all the low carb lists had one. What an education!The Link Finder saves memory on my computer because all of the links are in one place, instead of a HUGE amount of book marked links in my favorites ~ taking up space!Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge with the world! ... Shelley

I just got through reviewing the new link finder and it is AWESOME!!! There are so may links there..... one for anything you could ever want to know about the Low Carb lifestyle. There were so many topics I had never thought of looking into or even imagined existed. Plus the FAQ section is fabulous!! I can say this a must have for anyone following a LC WOL or anyone considering it for themselves! ...Jennifer in NC

WOW!! Julie, the most comprehensive list of sites I've seen yet. You are truly on top of the low carb market. A book of knowledge. There isn't any question left unanswered with this latest LCLF. A must have for any and all low carbers, no matter the plan they are following. Again, you've outdone yourself ... Connie Dean, TN

Goodness Gracious !!! You have certainly outdone yourself on the 2004 Link Finder sweetie!! I am so ever grateful to you for doing all you do for the Low Carb community, and I know that your kindness will be rewarded someday. Personally, when in doubt, I can always resource using the tools you have provided for us, which includes your newsletter. It does my heart good to have such resources at hand that I know will be available for a long time to come. I am most confident in my choices to subscribe. You all are the greatest!! Thanks Again Julie & May God Bless……………P.S. Thanks for the tip to put this on my desktop for handy reference!I've also made a back up to disc just incase my computer decides to act like a brat again...ugh!! ... Wendy G.

I got the link finder and it works beautifully. Now I don't have to spend hours doing the research for newbies or topics that are LC related but are more complicated to explain. Now all I have to do is open up the Link Finder, find the area related to what I am looking for and....voila.....there is the info I am looking for. Thanks! You just made my online life a WHOLE lot easier!! So worth the price of purchase! ... Suzanne, PA

  • I received my Link Finder 2004--looks great and works just fine. Thank you for all your hard work and time spent on this very useful tool  ...Anne T.
  • Boy, what a wealth of information. Hopefully, it will provide some inspiration (and a does of willpower too)! Thanks for all the info! ... Cindy
  • It's awesome--what more could a lc'er ask for! Thank you so much ... Jan in CA
  • I'm enjoying the links very much. I can't believe anyone had the time to find so much information. Very useful and informative ...Judi Kaehler
  • There is a TON of stuff there! You did a great job thanks! Blessings to you & yours ... Doreene
  • The Low Carb Link Finder is a tremendous help ! There is just SO much information there that it is hard to know where to start ! Great Job, Julie ! I know I will be using this referral tool often. Thank you !  ...Linda
  • I absolutely love the lowcarb linkfinder... There are so many links available that I had no idea about... these links are a wonderful resource for beginners and long time low carbers... I want to thank Julie for this wonderful resource that I will use always ... Julie G.

I received the Link Finder (very promptly I might add) and all I can say is "WOW!" It is an amazing collection of information...the downside is that I may never get off the computer LOL. Kudos to you for creating such a comprehensive and useful tool, especially for those of us low-carbers who have been low carbing since before it became the newest diet craze and do it as a way of life!! Many thanks ... Pam McMillan, VA

I do want to encourage those of you who haven't seen it yet to consider Julie's Low Carb Link Finder.

This is the first year I've purchased it, and I'm glad I did. I thought I had all of the low carb links I could ever possibly need, and if I couldn't find something I would just use Google. WRONG! The list is put together so well that it's easy to find what I want. It has already saved me time by not googleing and then wading through hundreds of "almost right" sites to find the one I'm looking for. I just keep the PDF file on my desktop, double click on it, breeze through it to find what I need and click on the link. It pops open a browser and away I go!! Couldn't be easier or faster. I've even deleted all of my low carb links out of my "Favorites" file because it's easier to use the Link Finder than it is to hunt for something on my Favorites list.

Kudos to Julie for keeping the price so low and making it available for everyone to afford! Don't see much of that kind of thinking in the low-carb world now-a-days ...  Jena B www.jena-maries.com

The 2004 low carb link finder is in a word - AWESOME!!! I had a favorites folder for low carb information already saved on my computer, but this list of links is so comprehensive and so much better organized that I deleted my own list and now keep this one on my desktop for fast, easy access to anything I want to know about low carbing.

In my opinion, this is a MUST HAVE resource for anyone following a low carb lifestyle. There are links for every question you might have about low carb diets. It even includes links for downloading free low carb COOKBOOKS as well as thousands of low carb recipes.

Yes I know -- you can find this information for free by using google, but I guarantee you will save SO much time by using her link finder that you will wonder why you didn't buy it sooner. Do yourself a favor and just do it. You will be glad you did.

Julie, thank you for taking the time to not only put together the most comprehensive list of low carb resources, but also for sharing it with everyone at the very affordable price of $4.99 ... Sincerely, Dee Tilton Indianapolis, IN

Thank you again, Julie ! I received the link finder today. After upgrading to a newer Adobe version, I am thrilled with all the amazing info you have amassed ! I know I will be using this over and over again ! I learned of your promotion through your newsletter, (which has also been a big help). I am really looking forward to checking out the different sites. Thanks for a great idea ! ... Linda from PA

  • I heard about your link finder on the message boards and had to see what it was all about. Boy am I glad I did! Terrific resource! ... Allan, MO
  • The time and research involved in compiling this masterpiece is more than evident ... Mary from IL
  • Is there any low carb information that is not included in this wonderful resource? I can't imagine what it would be! ... Thanks, June from NV
  • Got it, works great, awesome information. What a great idea! ... Dan, IN
  • Fast, personal service of an exceptional product! ... Andy G from WI
  • Unlimited information, global sources, very pleased with purchase ... Elaina, UK

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