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2003 Linkfinder Reviews!
Hear What People are Saying About the 2003 Low Carb Link Finder!

Reprinted with permission.

  •  I got it and it works great! I can't believe all the links. Thanks so much! Can't wait to surf the Atkins__LowCarb net! Woohoo!!!
    Thanks again ... Norine, MO
  • Your Link finder looks great and I can see I’ll be spending some time there ... Marion, MA
  • I have received your info and am just in HEAVEN lol I never knew there was so much info out there and these recipes links are to die for.
    I can't wait to try them lol. Thanks a bunch!! ... Kelly R. 
  • I got it and it’s awesome! Everyone needs to get this. The information is endless! ... Meg from Colorado Springs
  • I was so happy with my purchase, I can’t thank you enough for all this work! ... Fay, TX
  • Wonderful! I can’t stay out of this thing! ...  Tracey from Pierre, SD

Well I was able to spend some time over the weekend checking out all the great sites you have compiled...all I can say is WOW!! This is some awesome research and you should be very proud of yourself!! I pride myself on being very good at finding information on the net and what you have done here with this Link Finder is just simply amazing! I am so happy I decided to purchase it from you. Actually I have directed several other Low Carb friends to it as well. This is a priceless list of informational sites and I thank you very much for sharing it with us... a real bargain too I must add! If I had to spend the time to gather all of this myself I guarantee that it would be worth much more than the minimal price that you are charging... Again, Thanks from the bottom of my heart! ... Amber, Ontario, Canada

I got the low carb list just fine.....I HAVE to tell you that Im impressed! You pretty much covered everything. Im an RN and (PCOS and fibromyalgia sufferer) and was thrilled that you included sites for both conditions, as well as low carbing and pregnancy. I did a low carb search myself at one time and had no idea there were THAT many sites. SO thank you! ... Kay, MT 

I received the Link finder, downloaded it, and saved it to my documents. It opened without a problem and I immediately got lost in the veggie locarb section. I tore myself away, to let you know that the transfer was successful, and I am very happy with all this pre-done research. Now I just need ink for my printer, so I can print off the items needed to finish creating my own lowcarb program. Success!!! Thanks so much for offering the info ... Kim, CA.

I just recieved the Low Carb Link Finder from Julie today. I would DEFINITELY recommend this to everyone! There are links for just about every low-carb topic you could imagine. I just printed out the list of links to refer to later and it printed out TWELVE PAGES of single-spaced links! You download this list to your desktop and click on it to bring it up. Then you only have to find the topic you're interested in and click on that link and you're there ... 

Some of the topics to click on are:

Low Carb Sample Menus, Links on Tweeking (Jumpstarting, and Stalling/Plateau tips and hints), Free Low Carb E-mail Newsletters, Free Online Low Carb Magazines, In Print Low Carb Magazines, Online Low Carb Support/Email Groups, Low Carb Message Boards, Low Carb Recipe Message Boards, Online and Local Low Carb Foods/Product/Supply Retailers, Specialty Merchandise, Low Carb Websites, Low Carb Success Stories, Before/During, After Photos, Low Carb Product Reviews, and Low Carb Books and Cookbooks, including dowloadable cookbooks. This Link Finder will save you hours of searching. And also a lot of money if you were to purchase a book on each topic separately. It's well worth the $3.99. Thank you, Julie, for putting this together! ... Laurie in MN 

I'm one of the happy customers - the links are fantastic and there are TONS of 'em!

When I first found the link to Julie's low carb link finder, I was kinda miffed at having to pay. Who pays for a bunch of links is what I thought.

But after spending ANOTHER hour trying to find a specific low carb site (and not finding it), I went back to Julie's site again. And I spent the $3.99. Heck, I spend that every day on nothing!

I've never regretted spending the money. Just the time saved by having the links right there together is worth the $4 ... Dee F. 

I too am a happy customer of the Low Carb Link Finder. With a list of my own, comprised of MEN ONLY on the Atkins WOL, I use the linkfinder frequently, answering questions, refuting myths, referring newbies to the quick links I find on there. You cannot google or go thru your fav's list as fast as you can find it in Julie’s organized links. I'd gladly pay 10 X the asking price (and I have for many ebooks of lesser quality and value). Anyone who says otherwise hasn't seen it.  Doc R.

This morning I finally got to order Julie’s low carb link finder. What a BARGAIN!

There is a wealth of information available. Be smart and don't even bat an eyelash at the very minimal cost, it's worth a fortune, besides the time it will save you. The links are incredible.........and so very many of them. Ditto to ALL the very positive responses that you have from all these good folks. This is a gold mine of information you have put together. No need to poke around for information. Just have to click on your icon on my desktop. Thanks, Enjoy it! ... Ilene from beautiful The Endless Mountains of PA

Since I started the low carb way of life in October, 1999 – I have been collecting recipes and web site information in a database by exchanging recipes on these exchange groups.

I have also posted 100’s of recipes.

The list of members has grown from about 500 initially to the “thousands” today.

The same questions come up day after day about the low carb way of life and way of eating.

There is now a site out there that can help answer some if not most of the questions that I see posted daily.

Since discovering this site – it has become a valuable resource.

2003 Low Carb Link Finder

The ULTIMATE Low Carb Information Source

…Everything you wanted to know About Low Carbing from the worldwide web!

Everything is covered - all subjects - to THREE cookbooks and over 10,000 recipes, there are over 600 links that range from grocery lists, recipe converting, journals, carb counters, menu's; links to free online magazines, product information and food sources, info on over 20 different diets - from Atkins, Sugar Busters, Somersizing and the Zone and every diet in-between.

I am not affiliated nor do I receive any compensation from this in any way. Just getting the word out about a good thing.

This could be the best thing that you could ever do! ... "Maui Mike"

Got it, thanks -- looks great! I've been low carbing for over three years, and have accumulated lots of links, etc. But this looks awesome -- everything's nicely categorized -- no more searching through links in my favorites to find out what they really contains. Going to take quite a few pots of coffee to get thru all this info. Oops....make that bottles of water! ...  Kathy, MA

Your low-carb link finder arrived just a couple of minutes after Paypal confirmed my order. That was fast! And a quick look through it shows an absolutely awesome number of low-carb links. Seems I've got to settle down and start reading right now because it looks as though I'll be lucky to get through half the links in this edition before next year's comes out. :-)

Thanks for all your hard work! ... Nadine, Lakeland, FL

What a treasure trove of low carb information! I've been reading for hours and have already discovered an overwhelming source of motivation. Thanks for your great effort ...  Dot from NJ

I found your link finder while searching ebay for low carb books. I am so glad I found this first! You’ve saved me tons of money not knowing where to start or what program I should follow. I would have bought a whole library. All I needed was this! Thanks! I’ll be looking for the next edition, please keep me informed when it’s released! ...  Debbie, Butler, AL

  • I was expecting to have to wait 24 hours for delivery but it came right away. I just can’t imagine how long it took to put this all together. You’ve saved me tons of time ...  Phyllis from Idaho
  • My wife LOVED it! Fast delivery, great follow thru to confirm we were happy! ... Anthony, MO
  • This is the neatest tool I’ve come across for low carbers! ...  Karen from Ann Arbor
  • Got it, love it, will get the next one. Thanks! ...  Garrett from Wilmington, Delaware
  • Found you on Ebay, fast prompt delivery of a fantastic Ebook! Totally satisfied with the product and the service! ... Dana, KS

What else can I say, but WOW!

I am a skeptic by nature and it was hard for me to really believe that this linkfinder could have anything THAT wonderful in it........well, let me tell you .....I'm a BELIEVER NOW!

It would have taken me a lifetime to search, organize and compile even half of the links and information you have put together (and then, being organizationally handicapped, it STILL wouldn't have been THIS GREAT!).

If a person is looking for THE most comprehensive, information packed, well organized low carb resource they can get then, THIS IS IT!! And WHAT AN AWESOME PRICE!!! This might be the only reference a low carber would need.

Thanks so much for all your hard work and for making this invaluable information available to the rest of us! ... Michele 

What a fabulous resource in one place!!! Thank you SO much for sharing your hard work with us!! Saves me a lot of time AND memory (both mine and the computer!) ...  Shelley from Atlanta, GA

Julie the only downside to your low carb link is that I keep discovering more and more sites I love and dh has begun to think I'm glued to all the lc stuff and ignoring the first draft of his military book. LOL. It's all about war - just a different sort. I thank you for all the efforts you put into creating it! ...  Barbara

It's a very impressive collection of info. Thanks! ...  Devorah

Julie, I really appreciate this link finder and the price was so reasonable. I've spent so much money getting set up for low carb. I have a history of low carbing.Anyway I'm back to Atkins as I needed to get my body more healthy. Thanks for all you do for low carbers! ... Nancy C.

Got the linkfiner and can't wait to go over Every word of it. I have been straying a little and decided a trip back to induction is what I need and you are enabling me to have everything at my fingertips instead of having to search for it! ... Jodi from Elkhart, IN

  •  Julie's Low Carb Link Finder… I just received your Links -great work! ...  Debbie in Ohio
  • I got it and boy am I ever going to guard against losing this outstanding resource that you have complied. Outstanding work Julie! Thank you so very much!!!!!!!! ...  Taylor, CO 
  • I received the link finder and am enjoying it immensely! I purchased last year's version also and am looking forward to next year's! Thanks again! ... Alice 
  • I'm sorry I haven't replied. I've been so busy looking up the links. It's a wonderful site and certainly worth the price. Thank you very much! ... Retha, AL
  • I did get the attachment with no problems. The sites look tremendous. It will take months to go thru them. Thanks again for all your hard work in tracking down these sites. I know it is extremely time consuming ... Karen from Chicago, IL

Julie -- I absolutely love the link finder -- if there is anything I ever want to know about low carb I will find it here. It is literally packed with hundreds of links -- you name it, you will find it. It's organized in a very logical manner and easy to read. I have only spent about 5 minutes checking it out, but you better believe I will be going to that ALL THE TIME!!!! Thanks Julie -- this is the best resource available! ...  Mary, CA

I sprung for the 3.99 about three hours ago, and just now came up for air. If ya want to see it all, send her the $. She's done her work here, and it is worth it. I've googled so many times I thought I'd seen most of it, but I ain't seen nuttin yet! I highly recommend it! ... Doc R., OK

Your links are amazing!! I am so glad that you included some Canadian links!! I ordered it with a skeptical view, but you have gone far beyond my expectations!! Thanks for a wonderful resource!! ... Kathleen from Canada

Hi, Julie! Downloaded the info. and it is just FABULOUS! It's what I need as a newbie preparing for the induction phase. I hope it will help with my fibromyalgia. Now on to the grocery store! :-)  Thanks so much! ... Kelly, TX

 All I can say is.....WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All this for $3.99?!?!?!  Woo-hoooo, do I have some reading ahead of me. This will be very helpful as I'm only familiar with the basics. I'm sure I just join many others in being very impressed with all we get for that low price, all the time it must take you I mean. Thanks SO much!! ... Becky, CA

All I can say is WOW Julie! This has everything I could possibly need to follow the Low Carb way of eating. This is going to be invaluable to me, as I do often have questions and from what I have seen so far there seems to be a link for every possible question and bit of information I could ever need. I can hardly wait to check out the various recipes as well! ... Sandy, Southern California

Thanks again for all your work on this!! I've collected many of these same things and tried to organize them (I'm a Virgo, and I also studied Library Science, so organizing is in my blood), but what I have is nothing like what you offer. Thank you again!! ... Kathy K, IL

 Julie, It is perfect. Thank you. I just read your page. And I want to tell you I appreciate all the effort you have done for low-carbing. Between your two lists - I just signed up for the recipe one - I should be doing fine. and stay motivated! ... CJ in Phoenix

 INCREDIBLE!! This had to have taken MONTHS to compile! What an awesome Bargain! All for 3.99??? Excellent job! Thank you so much for this “ULTIMATE” information source! ...  Ross in Baltimore

I can’t believe all this information. All neatly organized and in categories. It is so easy to just run down, find a topic and click! Then click the back button to return to the link finder. I can’t stay away from this! THANK YOU! ...  Beth in Indianapolis

Oh thank you! This is exactly what I needed. I am loving your link finder and have already found so much I never knew. What a total resource! EVERY low carber needs this! ... Jessica from Dallas

 I am so glad I took a chance and ordered your link finder. I was skeptical as I could do a search for information myself. NOT LIKE THIS! Your link finder is fantastic! I’d never be able to find information like this if I worked on it for months! ...  Steven, KC



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